New Blessing Banner Designs!

Yoga Inspired Art by Regina Lord

I have been wanting to make new blessing banner designs all year, but haven’t felt inspired to do it until this week. In fact I felt double the inspiration this week and made two new sets!

Nature Inspired Blessing Banner by Regina Lord

As you can see, I went from one extreme to the other.  One is very detailed and intricate, the other a bit more simple.  I had to push the second set away — it doesn’t take much for me to go totally overboard. :p

I have yet to print them out and string them up and I have yet to decide if they will also be prints and cards.  I am sorta weird about my banners. I want them to be special and kept together-  so still working it out…

I have another art show this weekend, so these will not be in my shop until Monday or Tuesday.

Now, off to make more ornaments!!!

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