Welcoming 2015!!

Happy New Year!!

We traveled north after Christmas, and got to experience the warm sun, some blizzarding snow and drizzling rain.  It was quite the adventure! Then we came home just in time to welcome the new year. The kids are at the stage where they want to stay up all night and they want us to be up all night with them. Ugh! It is getting harder and harder to stay up that late!

When we travel to visit family, I always take a few art supplies with me. It is really hard for me to not be able to create, draw, doodle (anything!) for 4-5 days straight. So I took a few pens, charcoal pencils and my Inktense pencils and was able to play a bit during the quiets moments of our trip. It also helps to calm me in stressful or uncomfortable situations.

I’ve been told that Inktense pencils (water soluble pencils by Derwent) fade over time, but I’ve not had any issues with this happening. I mostly only use them in my art journal or little 4×6 inch pieces of watercolor paper. I think they are really fun to use and play with, specially when traveling.  The kids like them too.

I also did a couple of charcoal sketches and white ink (jellyroll pen) on black paper doodles and lettering.

I am currently working on getting original paintings on my website, picking my word (or words) for the year and planning what is next! So much to think about and do.

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2 Responses to Welcoming 2015!!

  1. Mahee Ferlini says:

    I need to start keeping an art journal. Seems like a great idea – especially for travel as you were saying

  2. Natalia says:

    Beautiful. Especially love the painting of a girl with blue hair.

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