Self Love

Self Love  - Art by Regina Lord
9 x 12 paper, acrylic & pencil on Masonite hardboard panel.

Art by Regina Lord

No other love is as important as self love.

Be kind to yourself. Be gentle. Love your best parts and nurture your broken parts with even more love. Give yourself a big and beautiful hug.



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4 Responses to Self Love

  1. Barb says:

    I love this one, Regina!

  2. Angella says:

    I so love this painting Regina. Its one of my favoritist ever!!!!!!

  3. christy says:

    this is so beautiful! so important! LOVE it and what it reminds me to do!
    i wish so much I could afford to buy this for my 11 yr old daughter who is on the cusp of becoming a young woman (it looks like her, I want her to loooove herself SO BIG!!!)…please let me know if you ever do prints or cards or wall plaques Regina.

    • christy says:

      just to clarify, it is very well priced, something I would normally find a way to make room for in my budget….just not right now with vet bills and acupuncture treatments and saving up for a dog fence!!!….I know, as an artist, it is hard to hear people say they cannot afford it as sometimes it sounds like they do not value it….that is not where I am coming from at all. Clear as mud??

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