Abstract Painting – Fiery Sunset

Abstract Art by Regina Lord
Fiery Sunset
20 x 24 acrylic on canvas with wood trim

My very first abstract that didn’t turn into a painting of a girl or flowers, or something else.  It’s actually a painting, over a painting, over a painting.  I painted a girl (with papers, collage, stamps), maybe 6 years ago,  didn’t like it and immediately painted over it with another girl that I didn’t like.  I put it in the closet, where 5 years later, it was recently rediscovered. I was going to toss it because it had a lot of paint and paper textures — too much for another girl painting. Instead, I thought it would make a great experimental surface for an abstract painting.

Abstract Art by Regina Lord

Doesn’t it look great on my orange wall?!

Abstracts are so hard for me.  I usually want to keep going until it becomes something else.  I am very happy with this one though.  Something different, but with all my colors.

I also trimmed it with stained wood strips.  I find painting the sides to be very tedious, but also, the wood makes it feel all professional and substantial-like.

Now, I think I feel like sewing. Go figure. This strange desire to sew only happens a couple times a year. I’m thinking another new bag or apron or smock.

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5 Responses to Abstract Painting – Fiery Sunset

  1. angella says:

    abstract is wayyyy out of my comfort zone too Regina. This one is very unique and it does look awesome against the orange wall!!!

  2. spindelmaker says:

    I LOVE this! I also think abstracts are difficult, but this is SO good. You should totally do more of them! 🙂

  3. rebecca k says:

    I kind of think this is awesome!

  4. Hey, gorgeous! How are things with you? I’m glad to rediscover you yet still standing around here in the artful blogosphere! I still have your button on my page, so I hope that helps! 😉

    virtual hugs,

  5. Oh, and yes, it looks fabulous on that orange wall! I’m not very much into abstract paintings, but I see some very interesting ones I absolutely adore! This is one of the very few!!!! <3

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