Frida with Flowers

Art by Regina Lord
Frida with Flowers
8×10 acrylic on birch panel framed

I started painting this Frida about 2 months ago and finally finished her a couple of weeks ago. I am really wishing I had made her bigger, but I didn’t know I was painting her until she just sorta showed up.

Art by Regina Lord

I made these last Saturday while watching The Book of Life, which I completely loved. Plus, I was feeling stuck on a painting that I was working on and these helped me to loosen up a bit.

They are little milagros on postcards that I painted really quickly, then added some pen lines to sharpen them up. They were a fun stress releaser and I now have some good ideas for some little 5×7 wood panels.

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  1. Angella says:

    you are such an inspiration!

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