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My goal for 2015 was to read/listen to 30 books and I am very happy to say that I accomplished my goal!  It’s sorta easy, for me, to listen to books while I paint. Especially, when I need to do a lot of painting.  It just gets me relaxed and in a groove.  The narrator has to be good too, or the book won’t last.

It’s too hard to pick just one favorite. I LOVED Eleanor & Park, All the Light We Cannot See, Girl on the Train, Bossy Pants, Yes Please, The Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, The Secret Life of Bees & Big Little Lies the most.

My goal for next year is 36 books.  I am currently waiting for Big Magic.


I also wanted to share Marisa’s (of Creative Thursday) new video series that started yesterday. Have you seen it?

Marisa has been a huge inspiration to me over the years, especially recently with her Periscope videos (see them here). She is so honest and forth right with her stories about her own business and her new video series is just as informative and inspiring. I hope you will watch!

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3 Responses to Books & Videos

  1. Raesha de Ruiter Zylker says:

    I only made it to 22 books this year – a slow year for me!!! I really want to listen to a ton of audio books this year since I spend close to 1.50 hours a day in the car. But I don’t want to pay for them 🙂 Do you have any recommendations for good audiobook sites?

  2. Raesha de Ruiter Zylker says:

    Well let me elaborate more – I’m willing to pay a couple bucks for audio, but not Audible’s $14.99 for ONE book a month! That’s crazy:)

    • Regina Lord says:

      I get all of my audio books from the library. My other goal, which I didn’t mention was not to pay for any of them either. I agree, $14.99 is WAY to much for me – especially for 30 books a year! I don’t know what you have in NM, but our library uses Overdrive and OneClick. Sometimes there are long waits, but I’ve had really good luck finding some good books. Check out your library!

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