Words for 2016

I have picked my words for this year. Normally, I only pick one, but this year I could settled for only one. After narrowing it down, and thinking a lot about it, I ended up with three.  I feel so much better having done this.

My words for this year encompass how I want to feel in my business and my over all life.  I’ve written, more in detail, in my Desire Map Planner (which I absolutely love!). I am a big fan of Danielle LaPorte and what she teaches about living life by how you want to feel.  I love that! A big improvement over the whole new year’s resolution stuff.

More about why I chose my words and what they mean to me.

Expansive: To make big space for myself in my art biz allowing growth and what ever comes my way this year.  I can feel my reach extending further each year, and it really scares me. I hope to allow space for it this year, breathing into it with open arms –instead of resisting and trying to shrink and hide.

Lightness: I carry a lot of useless weight on my shoulders worrying about everything and stressing about every little detail.  I started to ask for help last season, which is really hard for me to do. I am hoping to allow myself to ask for help when I need it and to let some things go that are not serving my creative powers. More ease, less force. Let this lightness bring me more light.

Vibrant:  I want to feel more energetic and alive. A greater presence for me and my family.  To feel this way, I need to take better care of myself.  Eat and do things that make my feel more vibrant. Get rest when I need it. Make yoga and walking the dog a priority.  Do more hiking and movie nights with my family and more coffee and dinner dates with my honey.

Have you picked your words for the year?  I’d love to hear them!

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6 Responses to Words for 2016

  1. Angella says:

    Love your words Regina. My word for 2016 seemed to choose me. It is EMERGE. I have no idea why it chose me, but I am very excited to see what emerges this year. Every evening when I am journaling I answer the question in my journal : ” what emerged today?”

  2. Angella says:

    PS: a beautiful blogpost, your photos are so juicy and inspiring!! 🙂

  3. Nancy Rector says:

    Love the smudge stick clearing out the old to allow the new to come in…

    Nancy Ü

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