Be the Weirdo!

art by Regina Lord

Be the weirdo! I just love that word, weirdo!

 Just finished listening to Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and I have to say that I loved it quite a whole lot. Like, a lot a lot.

I’ve always believed in the whole idea that inspiration comes most when you are hard at work. When you look for it and keep your senses open to it. That you have to paint, draw, doodle, write everyday so that it knows you need it and want it. That it comes and goes, but will come back and that you have to act on it to keep it.

And you have to be curious. Always curious.

art by Regina Lord

Now, I can call it inspiration, and not procrastination, that suddenly sends me on a detour when checking off a big list of things to do. And thank inspiration for allowing me to grab it when I least expect.

Oh, and may I also blame the kid’s science projects from keeping me from my list.  Ugh!!

Here’s to letting big magic happen and to being a weirdo!

Weirdos Unite!

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One Response to Be the Weirdo!

  1. Angella says:

    yay – weirdos unite!!! You really made me giggle – I am like that with the word “Dude” – I just LOVE that word!!! hee hee. I read Big Magic last year, and I feel I must re-read it soon. I really enjoyed it too. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your journal page. Here’s to all the happy weirdos who make life fun- like you 😉

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