Succulents and Adobe Houses

Succulent Wood Slice Ornaments - art by Regina Lord
1.Purple Succulent (sold) 2. Green Succulent (sold) 3.Blue Succulent (sold)
Acrylic on Dogwood Slices with Wire Hangers

I’m in love with succulent plants. They are just so perfectly amazing and beautiful. They inspired these little wood slice ornaments.

Wood Slice Ornaments - Art by Regina Lord
1. Casa Blanca (sold) 2.Antigua Iglesia (sold) 3.La Casita de Adobe (sold)
Acrylic on Dogwood Slices with Wire Hangers

And adobe houses! They are so magically perfect in the southwestern desert landscape.

Potted Succulent - Art by Regina Lord
Potted Succulent
5×7 on cradled wood panel

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  1. Angella says:

    so beautiful! So glad to hear that you are feeling better and that your art is selling well at the gallery! Happy April Regina.

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