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halloween idea roundup

It’s getting to be that time of year. I’ve been asking, very nicely, for my hubby to fetch the Halloween box that’s buried somewhere in our storage room.  It may appear sometime this week (hopefully). The above mosaic is a … Continue reading

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Halloween 2009

Just a little recap of our Halloween day and night.  I spent the day making everything (rush, rush, rush) and we were out on the town by 6pm–phew!  We had a great time, the kids LOVED their costumes and now … Continue reading

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last of the halloween decor

This is it for the Halloween decor. I just finished up the mantle of our fireplace with some random objects (mirrors, bookends, etc) that I had stored.  I also did some quick ink sketches on kraft paper to put in … Continue reading

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thrifted frames and more bugs

I bought all these frames at the thrift store for only five bucks!! I had a can of black paint and… presto!!!….new black frames. I drew a couple of pictures on fancy scrap book paper… and then found some images … Continue reading

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Bugs. They really creep me out. Even the fake kind. Is it weird to not even want to touch fake plastic bugs? Icky!! I was tempted to use tweezers, but I didn’t. I didn’t want to freak out my little … Continue reading

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This is our new friend Skully (you can see the directions and video here).  He was really fun to make (accidentally wrong side out–oops) and he is especially fun to fling around by the arm.  Poor guy.  He’s found a … Continue reading

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S is for spooky

I’m full force into Halloween mode.  Having a hard time doing much else.  The boys love Halloween stuff, gross stuff , bugs, slime, you name it. So, we’ve been going all out. My littlest guy has been my big time … Continue reading

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Halloween Charms

These were made for Michelle’s Witches Cupboard charm swap. It is exactly what I needed to get in the Halloween spirit.  They are made from polymer clay balls, that I handpainted then embellished with beads.  They were sent off today.  … Continue reading

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Halloween recap

  Neighbor’s Home We had a very fun and exhausting evening.  Exhausting for us the parents, that is.  The kids could have kept going until midnight with that sugar high they had going.      Neighbor’s Pumpkins We did an … Continue reading

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Countess of Arachnidonia

May I introduce the Countess of Arachnidonia.  She is visiting us for this year’s Halloween festivities. She mostly sleeps during the day being quite bored with the mundane day to day routine.  She does, however have an afinity for keeping … Continue reading

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