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Here’s lookin at you kid!

So, I’m looking through flickr at pages and pages of those gorgeous reverse applique skirts from the Alabama Stitch Book and I kept seeing eyes.  Yes, eyes… from the shapes.  I was tired. That night, while trying to fall asleep, … Continue reading

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Tutorial: No-Mold Polymer Skull Beads

The weekend was so nice.  The boys played outside and the hubby worked on his bike, right outside a very close window.  I was able to get some happy crafting time in while watching and listening to the business of … Continue reading

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Halloween ATCs

For those of you who don’t know, an ATC is an Artist Trading Card. They are  super fun to make and especially fun to collect.  I’ve been collecting them since the start of this blog.  You can see all of … Continue reading

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Welcome October

I’m a big fan of October.  Weather is just starting to get cooler, flowers are blooming, pants/jeans are making their first appearance and Halloween is right around the corner. Ah, Halloween. One of my most favorite holidays, which mean I … Continue reading

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Halloween 2007

Here is my little Jedi and Superman. I’ve been quite busy sewing these costumes up over the last couple of days. My mom did help a bit by making the main blue superman pieces. I did everything else, including the … Continue reading

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Illustration Friday: Trick-or-Treat

The theme for Illustration Friday this week is trick-or-treat. Watercolor, pencil and micropen Happy Halloween! ~Regina

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Halloween: Part 4 : Vase with paper flowers

Here is a bony skull vase with paper flowers. Just a regular, run-of-the-mill flower vase that someone was throwing away, decoupaged and painted. Any household jar would work too. I had planned on using an empty Green Goddess dressing bottle, … Continue reading

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Halloween: Part 3 : DO NOT OPEN!!!

If opened, these mystical and very ornery little creatures will wreak havoc to no end. They will fly around, pinch, bite, break things, scream in your ear, torment your pets and throw food all over your home. They are incredibly … Continue reading

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Halloween : Part Two : Pendants

I’ve been wanting to try making pendants using my own handmade images. I’ve had these little wood bits (circles and squares) that I’d been using for making clocks and decided to use them as the base. Here is what I … Continue reading

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Halloween: Part One

It’s the topic of conversation at least once a day– Halloween. Are we going to have a Ghoulish dinner again? Are we going trick-or-treating? Of course there is the big costume decision and finally, when are we going to start … Continue reading

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