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Tooth Fairy Tales

A little tooth fairy fellow came to our house last week and left a buck-fifty for a teeny little tooth. Super-E couldn’t have been more thrilled with the idea of a little fairy guy roaming the house with his lost … Continue reading

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Stamped Bookmarks

I guess I’ve been in a stamping mood lately. I made these sometime last week as “thanks yous” for my swap paticipants. I really like being able to use several different stamps for layering. The front of the bookmark has … Continue reading

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Carved Rubber Stamps: Storage & Care

A few people have asked how I care for and store my hand-carved rubber stamps, so I thought I’d share what I do. Cleaning: 1. After using your stamp, stamp any excess ink off onto a scrap piece of paper. … Continue reading

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Birds and Trees

Packages of beautiful notecards have slowly been making there way to me. I have received 7 sets so far, and lots more are on the way. It is so exciting and fun to receive packages in the mail everyday. Opening … Continue reading

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Cards and cushions

These are the cards I made for my 3 winners. They are carved linoleum stamps on a pretty speckled recycled paper cardstock. I had tried different colors of ink, but the black seemed to work best. I also have had … Continue reading

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Holiday Cards

Some of these bird cards were sent out with my bird ornaments. I’ve also been making gifts cards sets with them too. These house cards were made up today, also for gift cards sets. The stamps have been used to … Continue reading

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Last Day of School

It only seems like a couple of months ago that he started school and now the year is over. I’m not sure my Super-E really truly understands what summer vacation time will really be like. Lots of time with good … Continue reading

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Rubber Stamp Tutorial

By special request, here is a quick little tutorial on the art of easy rubber stamping. Supplies: #2 Pencil, ball-point ink pen, linoleum cutters, paper, ink pad and rubber printing block. 1.  Draw your image onto a piece of paper … Continue reading

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Hand Stamped Fabric

I made this fabric for Moki’s hand stamped fabric swap.  We were to design a stamp (about 3 inches) and stamp a yard of nice cotton fabric, cut it into fat quarters and send 3 away (keeping one ). I … Continue reading

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Last minute crafts

We are deep in boxes packing up for our big move. I wanted to finish a few things before packing up my sewing machine, paints and all of my craft materials. First, I had to finish my littel I-guy’s outfit … Continue reading

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