TMoA 2014 Spring Artisan Market

Another fun and successful art show is done and over.  Yay!

I’m giving myself one day of rest before I move on to getting ready for the studio tour in 2 weeks!

Thank you to everyone who came to the show this weekend and bought some of my items. It is always so much fun meeting new and old customers.

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Today and all weekend

mini original art by Regina Lord

If you are local, I will be at the Tucson Museum of Art Artisan Market all weekend, starting today at 10am.

art by Regina Lord

This is what I have been working on for the last couple of weeks, all ready to go to the show with me.

art by Regina Lord

art by Regina Lord

Stop by if you are in town. I would love to see you!

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Happy Spring!

spring equinox

Hello Spring!

Well, it’s actually felt like spring all winter, here in the south west.  We didn’t really get a winter this year, maybe a couple of days of cold here and there, so there are probably so many of you who are actually way more excited for signs of spring.

vernal equinox

I usually dread spring, because it just means that the hot, hot summer is right around the corner. This year though, I am going to really try to embrace spring and summer like the good desert rat that I am becoming.

The little painting above is my spring goddess. She is only 10 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide.  I will be adding wire to the top for hanging.  Perfect for a small wall space.

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painting mojo is back

I was having a hard time getting back into the painting grove, but I think my missing mojo is finally back.  It’s a good thing too, because I have another show coming up very soon. Less than two weeks away.

These little girls are not done yet, works in progress. They are small, but larger ones will be done too.  I will be trying to share as I go.

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new bag for spring

ikat bag

My old bag died the other day and I needed to jump into action and make a new one quick.  Not something on my to-do list for this week, or even this month, but my old one was getting pretty grungy and sad looking.

Fortunately, I live within walking distance of a fabric remnant store and they had some really great designer home decor fabric in small pieces. I love the colors of this ikat pattern. Perfect colors for spring!

I like to wing it with my own pattern on-the-fly. It has a magnet snap closure and is super easy to get in and out of. I made it a little bigger than I had planned, but with being a mom and all, that’s always a good thing.

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Big reveal::Chair Makeover

chair makeover

Ta-da! It’s done.

It’s funny because when I first saw this chair, I wasn’t sure I wanted to take on the project. I passed it up at $25, but then my friend saw it a week later for $15.  She bought it and brought it over in her truck and I paid her back. That was a year ago, at least.  It took me a long time to convince myself that I could do this. Plus, an upcoming studio tour that I am in helped to motivate me to finally get it done. (And thank you to my friend for convincing me that I could and should do this.)

before after chair makeover

I am so in love with this chair.  I’m having a hard time letting anyone actually sit in it. For one, I’m a total novice at re-upholstery, and not entirely sure this thing is going stay together. Also, it’s just so darn pretty and I don’t want it to get soiled.

chair makeover

See the back there. I had to use different fabric because I muffed it up the first time.  Pretty good match for a quick and frantic run to the fabric store before the kids got out of school. You’ll rarely ever see the back of it anyway.

chair makeover

So here is the run down of costs:
Chair (thrifted): $15
Spray Paint: $7
Satin Finish spray $7
Fabric (front) $13
Fabric (back) $3
Batting $3
Trim $5
Misc (glue, staples, sand paper) $5
Grand Total = $58

Not bad for a fancy little chair. I could have never found a chair like this for any less. It was hard work, but totally worth the gratification of figuring it out all on my own.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional. If you need something sewn, recovered, fixed, re-finished etc, I am not the person for the job. Call a professional. They will do a better job and charge you less! I promise.

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chair in progress

Boy! What a project this has been. I think I drove to the fabric store 3 times today. Fortunately, it’s only a mile away. But still!

The painting of the chair was completed on Thursday, but I wanted to make sure it was completely dry before tackling the upholstery.  I used Montana Colors (MTN 94) spray paint, that I got at Ace Hardware.  It’s actually marketed as graffiti paint, but the woman at Ace (and my friend Rhonda) sold me on it’s awesome spraying power, fuller can, and great staying power. I was sold and completely impressed. Plus, the color selection is INSANE!

chair makeover

I used Hydra Blue, then mixed up a darker blue color with my acrylics to make a glaze. I really wanted the wood carving to pop. Then I used Montana Colors satin finish to protect it all.

chair makeover

The hard part was today. Remind me to get a better staple gun next time. My poor hand is bruised from all the stapling. And don’t get me started on the fabric cutting.  Measure 10 times, then cut! That should be the rule. I messed that up and had to get different fabric for the back. No biggie though. It all worked out.

I ran out of light before I was able to finish, so I will reveal the complete chair tomorrow or the next.

Have a happy weekend!!

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gypsy bracelets

gypsy bracelets

My love for making jewelry is fast and fleeting. It hits me out of nowhere and I MUST dig through my beads to make something. Twenty-four  hours later, and the impulse is completely gone. So, I must work fast when it hits me.

gypsy bracelets

A while back I had ordered from etsy, little word charms that say “magic” with the thought of making bracelets like these for a few friends of mine. I wrapped plain bangles with sari silk ribbon, silver thread and made little beaded charms. They were really fun to make.

crystal pendant

While digging through my bead collection, I found the copper oval, another purchase from etsy. I thought it would be cool to add the crystal point inside by wrapping it with wire. A fun challenge of dexterity patience.

crystal pendant

I had wanted to do more with a beaded chain, but alas, my mind has already moved on to finishing my studio room chair.

Is this what you call creative ADD?

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in the kitchen

coconut butter

I was able to cross off a few food projects that I’ve had on my list today.

First up, coconut butter.  I’ve been reading about the benefits of coconut and had really wanted to try some coconut butter, but when I went to Whole Foods, the 16 oz jar was around $12 and I started having second thoughts. Then I remembered reading about making your own and a quick search on my phone reveled as easy solution. So, I left with a 7 oz. bag of organic coconut flakes (full fat) for $3.50.  When I got home, I dumped the entire contents into my food processor and whizzed it all up. After many minutes (about 5), it seemed pretty dry and crumbly, so I added a spoon of coconut oil and a few minutes later, I had creamy coconut butter. Yay!! You can read about all the benefits and ways to use here, here, or here.

life changing bread

Next on my list was Life Changing Bread. I’ve been wanting to make this since it was posted over a year ago. It did not disappoint. If you love crunchy and nutty then you must try this out!

It is especially good toasted with avocado and a sprinkle of nutritional yeast, salt and pepper. So delicious.

No photos, but I also made Fudge Babies, but I added some peanut butter, sunflower seeds and coconut flakes to the mix, so they were renamed, “Brownie Babies” by the kids. Super good and they make the perfect after school snack.

Of course, Freya was in the center of the kitchen the entire time. Never leaves my side, that girl.

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this and that


I promise to have some crafty/artsy stuff to share very soon.  For now, a little bit of this and that.


Looking up into a nest in our tree where the entrance is at the bottom.

puppy training

Freya has a twin at puppy training class.  There are actually 3 Springers in our group.

Freya met Rocky this last week. She’s not to too sure what to think about him, but has been trying to keep her distance the best she can.

vegan french toast

Vegan fronch toast on Sunday morning.  The bread made by Super-E’s friend, which made it extra special and delicious.


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