New art

Leaping Rabbit - hare or bunny Art by Regina Lord
5×7 Acrylic on mounted wood panel

I’m back on track and I have a weeks worth of art to share.

This little hare above was made on February 29th to celebrate leap year.  Just now getting around to sharing it here. It’s been mounted it in a floater frame and makes a lovely reminder of spring.

Art by Regina Lord
Vase with Flowers
8×10 Acrylic on cradled wood panel

These were both taken to Tohono Chul Gallery. The show I am in is up until April 24th and they needed more art. My art has been so very well received by the visitors and I am so very thankful. I think I have sold 15 original pieces so far. I took a bundle of new art, ornaments, matted prints and a few new art pendant necklaces. I will share more over the next few days.

Happy Weekend!

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My ruptured appendix story

ruptured appendix - Regina Lord

If you follow me on instagram or Facebook, then you already know that I was in the hospital last week for a ruptured appendix.   If you don’t know the story, then please read on…

Quick disclaimer: Always, always get checked by a doctor if you are experiencing appendicitis pain, which is generally a horrible pain in the lower right side of your abdomen.  Unless, that is, you are like me and don’t have the textbook symptoms.

I thought I had food poisoning, the Wednesday before I went into the hospital. I was experiencing abdominal pain, but it was in the center of my tummy above my belly button. I also couldn’t eat and had some nausea and vomiting–nothing horrible though. I mean, I was driving the kids around, making dinner and doing my normal thing. I did have to lay down for a bit, but nothing alerted me to needing to see a doctor — I am also a nurse who knows the standard signs and symptoms of appendicitis, none of which I thought I had (this can also be interpreted as: stubborn with an unwillingness to see a doctor or go to the hospital unless ABSOLUTELY necessary). Am I breathing? – yes. Am I bleeding?- no. Then we are all good.

By Friday, the pain had eased and I was feeling better.  The pain had eased because my appendix had ruptured. The appendix doesn’t always burst, it can be more like a slow leak. So there was pressure, pressure, pressure then a slow release, which was my appendix rupturing. This slow release of pressure had allowed me to no longer feel that irritating pain in the middle of my tummy, I was no longer experiencing nausea and I was keeping food down.  I thought, well that was weird, but now I feel a lot better.

That is, until Sunday, when I started feeling nauseated, but this time with fevers.  It wasn’t until Monday morning that I started experiencing pain to the touch, in my lower right abdomen. Ah-ha, now that is my appendix, at which point I headed into the hospital.

After a grueling 6 hours in the ER triage chain, I finally got a CT scan, initially confirming that there was indeed “something brewing around my appendix” and later confirming that it had ruptured, probably several days ago. I couldn’t believe it! Here I was, laughing and chatting with my husband, not feeling all that bad and I had a ruptured appendix! Everything I knew about appendicitis was thrown out the window.

What had happened (and what sometimes happens to other people) is that my body walled off the infection protecting me and the rest of my body.  The protocol nowadays, in this particular instance, is to avoid surgery which can be dangerous with a high likelihood of exposing the rest of the body to the infection and possible loss of part of the colon. I freaking LOVE my colon, thank you very much! Thank you Dr.A for knowing not to cut into me. The new treatment includes IV antibiotics combined with fasting (no food or drinks) for a few days while getting IV fluids. This takes the burden of digestion away while allowing the antibiotics to work and the body to heal. It worked for me, because within 24 hours I had very little pain and no fevers and felt almost normal by the end of my stay. I was able to go home after 5 days and 4 nights in the hospital (which is not the best place to get any rest, btw).

ruptured appendix - Regina Lord

I will be on oral antibiotics for 10 days and on a soft diet until further notice. At least, it is my own home-made food that I will be eating. I will happily take it. And, I will have surgery to remove, my hopefully calm, quiet and uninfected appendix in 3 months.

Now, I am trying to get back on track and deal with the side effects of oral antibiotics. I also have a ton of emails to reply to and overdue deadlines, so it will be quiet around here until and can get caught up!

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little bee

Art by Regina Lord

The top pic is a progress photo when I was painting this.  Silly me, I completely forgot to take a picture of the finished painting before I took it over to Tohono Chul gallery. Lucky for me, the very kind people at Tohono Chul snapped a pic for me to have for my records and to share here.

Art by Regina Lord
5×7 Acrylic on cradled wood panel

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Raven’s Sunset, Bold Blooms and a Little Bird

Art by Regina Lord

Three new paintings for the Tohono Chul Gallery.

Art by Regina Lord
Raven’s Sunset
6×12 Acrylic on cradles wood panel

I really struggled with the background to this paint and what color to use for the leaves. Once I added that magenta pink though, everything just fell into place.  Sometime, you just gotta love pink!

Art by Regina LordArt by Regina Lord
Yellow Bird (sold) & Bold Blooms (sold)
4×4 acrylic on cradled wood panels

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Little Flowers in a Jar

Little Flowers - Art by Regina Lord
Little Flowers
5×7 acrylic on cradled wood panel
Currently on display at Tohono Chul Gallery

Little Flowers - Art by Regina Lord

I am painting a few more painting for Tohono Chul Gallery. The show runs until mid April and I have already sold 9 paintings!!

My hubby picked the little flowers for me and put them in a little spice jar.  It was so sweet and cute, it gave me a bit of inspiration for another painting.

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Custom Art

Pet portrait - Art by Regina Lord
Tank & Ginger
4×4 acrylic on canvas

This little painting is a portrait of my mom’s two dogs. I painted it for her back in November, but never shared it here.

Custom Portrait - Art by Regina Lord
6 x 6 acrylic on cradled wood panel

This is a custom portrait I did in January.  It was such a delight to paint. Normally, I stress out quite a bit over custom portraits, but this one really flowed.

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Desert Globemallows

Instagram photo @Regina_creativekismet

Went for a lovely bike ride with my hubby and found some beautiful inspiration in the way of wildflowers. Desert globemallow flowers to be exact.

Desert Globemallows - Art by Regina Lord
Desert Globemallows
5×7 on birch wood panel
(sold – Thank you!)

Rushed back and immediately painted this. I love it when inspiration pushes you all the way home so you can do what you love.

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Cactus Blooms

Stillness, Hummingbird with Cactus Blooms - Art by Regina Lord
8×10 Acrylic on Cradled Wood Panel
Currently on display at Tohono Chul Gallery

Fiesta, Cactus Blooms - Art by Regina Lord
11 x 14 Acrylic on Canvas
Currently on display at Tohono Chul Gallery

Agave Blooms - with Hummingbird - Art by Regina Lord
Agave Blooms
12 x 16 Acrylic on Canvas

Saving my favorite three paintings, from my Tohono Chul exhibit, for last.

Living in Arizona my whole life, I grew up seeing a lot of earthy pastel colored southwestern art.  I know that it is not the only kind, but it is what I remember most. I really wanted my desert inspired art to highlight the brightness of the sun and show how striking the cactus blooms are against a blue or sunny sky, or amidst the calming green of the cactus. There is so much colorful beauty in the southwestern desert.

I will have new prints, of a few select paintings, in my shop soon!

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Cactus Art

Potted Cactus - Art by Regina Lord
Potted Cactus
5×7 Acrylic on Cradled Wood Panel

Saguaro Art by Regina Lord
6×12 Acrylic on Cradled Wood Panel

Some happy cactus art for you today.

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Jars of flowers

Jar of Gerbera Daisies - Art by Regina Lord
Gerbera Daisies
4×4 Acrylic on Cradled Wood Panel

Jar of Flowers - Art by Regina Lord
Jar of Flowers
6×12 Acrylic on Cradled Wood Panel
Currently on display at Tohono Chul Gallery

Jars of flowers make me so happy.  I have a beautiful blue mason jar from 1976 that sits on the dining room table. We alternate paper flowers with real flowers depending on the season. If it is too warm, real flowers won’t last very long. A painted vase of flowers though, lasts forever!

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