Braver, Stronger, Smarter

Art by Regina Lord

Words of wisdom for you today.

Art prints available in my shop.

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Pastel Portraits & Pirates

It was pirates.

They hijacked me, my computer and our water heater. That is why I’ve been missing for the last month.  Really, pirates.

So yes, I’ve had a trying month of May.  I finally had my surgery to remove my appendix, which was way more painful that I thought it would be. Hello my good friend, Percocet. I’m not really into pain medications, by the way, but they were very needed. Then, I got a pesky and even more painful infection at one of my incision sites.  Insert antibiotics for another TEN days. Yay.

And just when I’m starting to feel better and able to sit upright, our hot water heater breaks and floods the laundry room, while the hubby is out of town, of course.  Fortunately, it was a recalled thingamajig, so we didn’t have to pay a thing to get it fixed. Amazing!

Two days later my computer crashes.  Dead.  Hello new computer.  This happened last summer too, but somehow managed to milk another year out of my poor computer.

Now, I am almost feeling completely back to normal, I have a new computer with all of my forty thousand (!!) photo images transferred, and all of the household appliances seem to be in working order.  Fingers crossed.  Especially for the air conditioner.  It is summer.  Think 100+ degrees… everyday….for the next 5 months…at least…

Okay.  I’m done moaning and groaning.

Now, I am in the midst of video recording another e-course.  Portraits. I am pretty, pretty excited about what I have to share this time around.  I’ve been playing a lot with my new Sennelier soft pastels, trying to decide if I should include a pastel lesson too. I probably will because they are SO MUCH FUN!

I have more to share. I promise to be back soon.

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Shop Update

Art by Regina Lord
My World
11 x 14 acrylic on stretched canvas

I painted this precious mom and baby painting a couple of weeks ago. I had sketched out the idea for it a really long time ago and finally felt the need to paint it. I have prints, cards and art blocks available in my shop.

I added other stuff too. Like, new original art, a couple of ornaments and new art blocks.  I hope you will wonder over and check it out.  There is a new sale section too!

Just finished up the last of the art shows for this season and am planning a busy summer of new creations to get ready for the fall. And….. I am in the process of planning out a new e-course. It’ll be portrait painting of course. Newer stuff though.

But first, I have surgery tomorrow to remove my pesky little appendix. It is outpatient and I should be home by tomorrow evening!

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Elspeth McLean

It is an amazing and magical thing when you get to meet someone you “know” from online. Last weekend, I was so very lucky to meet Elspeth McLean. Truly, the absolute highlight of my weekend.  She is a gorgeous and shining soul and words cannot describe how radiant, lovely and joyful she is. I feel so honored to have met her. She decided to take my Ganesha painting  home with her too.

Have you seen her dotillism artwork and mandala rocks? They are so amazing. I am very lucky to have two of them! They are beautiful, peace and heartfelt treasures. She has the loveliest video on how she makes them here.

Ganesha - art by Regina Lord
Ganesha ~ New Beginnings
Art Prints Available

A little bit about Ganesha:

Ganesha (aka, Ganesh, Ganapati, Vinayaka) is the Hindu deity known as the remover of obstacles, the deva of wisdom and new beginnings. Often times, Ganesha is honored at the beginning of a journey, ritual or ceremony.

There are many variations the iconic Ganesha, and also many symbolic meanings. For example, the big head of the elephant symbolizes “big think”. Small mouth means to talk less, big ears for listening more. Open hand for blessing those on the right path and the hand carrying a “sweet” bowl symbolizes the rewards of hard work. The big belly is for digesting both the good and bad in life. There is more, not depicted in this version, but I love all of the symbolism and meaning of the wise elephant.

Art in the Garden -- Tucson, Arizona

A few pics from my art show over the weekend, Art in the Garden.  What a beautiful venue.  The lovely host, Glennda, actually has the show on her beautiful property twice a year. The guests get some tasty food, beautiful music and fun shopping.

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Prince Roger Nelson - Art by Regina Lord

I was so sad to hear the news about Prince, a few days ago. He was such a huge part of my youth, so many songs bring back memory after memory. Lots of dancing and singing with my friends, MTV videos, cassette tapes, posters. Sigh.

Prince Roger Nelson - art be Regina Lord

I will be forever thankful that I grew up during the time of Prince.

His music lives on.

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Drifting, floating, dreaming

Art by Regina Lord

A fun little painting I did for Love Art Happy Life e-course. A painting inspired by the amazing Marc Chagall.

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Spring Desert Blooms

Spring Desert Blooms - Photos by Regina Lord

I have really been enjoying the glorious spring weather we have been having here in the southwest, aside from the strange hail storm we had yesterday.

The cactus are in full bloom right now.  Some wonderful color inspiration, don’t you think?

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Creative Kismet Zipper Pouches

zipper art pouched - art by Regina Lord
Coin Purse Zipper Pouch

I wanted to share these little zipper pouches that I had made. I wanted to test out whether I would sell them over the holidays.  They turned out better than expected. In fact, the photos don’t do them justice.

coin purse zipper pouch - art by Regina Lord
Large Zipper Pouch

The colors are bright and crisp and the fabric is very durable.

There are only a handful in my shop, so grab one now!

Use coupon code SPRING for 25% off everything in my shop.

Sale ends tonight!


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Spring Update and Sale


To celebrate my healing belly, the beautiful weather and arrival of Spring, I have listed a bunch of new art prints and a handful of zipper pouches that I’m trying out. AND, I’m having a little sale too!

25% off everything in my shop. From now until Wednesday at midnight.
Use coupon code SPRING at checkout.


Need help framing and matting your new art prints?  Check out my new frame guide HERE.

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Succulents and Adobe Houses

Succulent Wood Slice Ornaments - art by Regina Lord
1.Purple Succulent (sold) 2. Green Succulent (sold) 3.Blue Succulent (sold)
Acrylic on Dogwood Slices with Wire Hangers

I’m in love with succulent plants. They are just so perfectly amazing and beautiful. They inspired these little wood slice ornaments.

Wood Slice Ornaments - Art by Regina Lord
1. Casa Blanca (sold) 2.Antigua Iglesia (sold) 3.La Casita de Adobe (sold)
Acrylic on Dogwood Slices with Wire Hangers

And adobe houses! They are so magically perfect in the southwestern desert landscape.

Potted Succulent - Art by Regina Lord
Potted Succulent
5×7 on cradled wood panel

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