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Bag Lady Skirts

  These two skirts were made from thrifted bags that I found at Savers for $2 each. They were big enough for me to fit into and a quick-n-easy sew.  I just had to cut off the tops and bottoms … Continue reading

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I know I shouldn’t…

but I just can’t help myself!! I really was only going to a church rummage sale that I saw a sign for, then one house led to another and before I knew it, I had a car full. More stuff … Continue reading

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Thrifting Therapy

There is nothing like thrifting. It gives me such immense joy. The anticipation, the seeking and the ever so glorious discoveries! I went on Friday and had a great time, just me and my I-guy. Here is what I found… … Continue reading

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Vintage Pillowcase Challenge

You know about this? Handmade Parade’s Vintage Pillowcase Challenge? I saw it a while back and had forgot all about it, until I was reminded by this amazing entry(!!!) and I became totally distracted with this challenge. I knew right … Continue reading

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Handmade, thrifted and book gifts: for me

First you must look at this little beauty. Handmade and painted special for me by my little Super-E. He made it out of salt dough. I put a few layers of varnish to protect it and then strung it with … Continue reading

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Holiday thrifting

We really just went thrifting to find jackets for the kids, the kind that you don’t care if they don’t make it home because they only cost a few bucks. Or the kind, when stained with blood you don’t care … Continue reading

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Blog Action and Blogiversary

Today is my two year anniversary for this here blog. Has it really been two years? I love coming to this place I call Creative Kismet, a space all my own. I can’t imagine life without it. It’s become so … Continue reading

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Shopping around

WoW! Thanks for all the Firefox love! I know there are still loads of you out there using IE6 (my stats are telling me this), so sign up! Join the foxy crusaders. He he. Look, look, look what came in … Continue reading

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All tied up

I bought these ties a while back.  A huge bag (50+) for $3.  I just couldn’t resist the bright colors and funky patterns.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with all of them, but a few ideas came … Continue reading

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On a thrifting high

Boy, did I have a great thrifting day!!! I wasn’t going to go, but the the Savers, on the other side of town, seemed to be calling my name. I resisted (just a tad) but temptation led the way. I … Continue reading

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