Oh sweet tea!

I love tea. It’s one of my most favorite addictions (next to chocolate). There is nothing like a hot cup of tea in the AM to start your day. I have always been surrounded by coffee drinkers my whole life. I love the smell of whole coffee beans but the smell of hot dripping coffee has always turned my stomach- especially during my pregnancies. The thing with tea is that it makes you stop and slow down. It’s almost meditative. You can’t gulp a cup of hot tea. You have to stop and savor the mellow flavors. I’m very much into green tea. I’ve been reading a lot about it and how healthy it is. I drink 1-3 cups of green tea everyday. On the weekends I drink one large cup of Chai tea. It’s so yummy with agave nectar and soy milk. YUM. It’s my treat tea. I read some where that the first seeping of a bag or loose leaves removes most of the caffeine. Any seepings after the first yields very little to no caffeine. I also read that it’s better to get rid of caffeine in this manner since the non-caffeinated versions of tea go through a process that destroys some of the beneficial antioxidants. I can’t remember where I read this stuff but I hope it’s true. I always use my leaves several times before tossing. Each subsequent cup taste just as good as the first. You just have to seep the next cup a little longer.

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