Be the Weirdo!

art by Regina Lord

Be the weirdo! I just love that word, weirdo!

 Just finished listening to Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and I have to say that I loved it quite a whole lot. Like, a lot a lot.

I’ve always believed in the whole idea that inspiration comes most when you are hard at work. When you look for it and keep your senses open to it. That you have to paint, draw, doodle, write everyday so that it knows you need it and want it. That it comes and goes, but will come back and that you have to act on it to keep it.

And you have to be curious. Always curious.

art by Regina Lord

Now, I can call it inspiration, and not procrastination, that suddenly sends me on a detour when checking off a big list of things to do. And thank inspiration for allowing me to grab it when I least expect.

Oh, and may I also blame the kid’s science projects from keeping me from my list.  Ugh!!

Here’s to letting big magic happen and to being a weirdo!

Weirdos Unite!

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Starry Night ~ playing with watercolors

Art by Regina Lord

I have a huge list of very pressing things to do, so of course, that is the perfect time to have an incredibly wild urge to paint a night sky with watercolors.

I just had to.

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DIY Creamy Body Butter

DIY body butter by Creative Kismet

Man alive, it is dry here in southern Arizona.  My poor little guys suffer from dry patches on their skin and this is the go to lotion of choice. I’ve been making this for a while. Sometimes I whip it into a luscious, creamy butter and sometimes I leave it as a salve. I had to share it this time around because it was looking quite lovely in this cute little 8oz mason jar.

DIY body butter

It is pretty easy-peasy to make if you have all the ingredients. Equal parts butters and oils, a little squirt of vitamin E oil is a nice addition too, if you like. You can try adding essential oils, but if you decide to use cocoa butter, it will smell strongly of chocolate, which I find to be quite fantastic.  It’ll be hard to cover the cocoa scent. In fact, I added lavender to this batch and I can’t really smell it.

I usually use calendula oil, but I didn’t have any calendula flowers on hand to make an infusion. It is especially good for eczema, but the body butter is still very soothing without it.

1/4 cup coconut oil
1/4 cup almond, calendula or olive oil
1/4 cup cocoa butter or (2 tbsp beeswax pastilles)
1/4 cup shea butter
1 tsp Vitamin E oil
Essential oils of choice (optional)

Melt and mix everything together in a double boiler. After, allow to cool in the frig until firm, but not solid. This took about 90 minutes for me.  Then whip up with a hand blender until creamy — like the consistency of butter cream frosting. Or you can pour the melted mixture into jars, without whipping, and call it a day.

I LOVE this for the winter when it is dry and cold out. I’m so happy I finally made some this season, we were in dire need of it.

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Grand Opening/Birthday Sale


I have made the big switch to a REAL online shop! I am so excited with how it looks and works!  I’ve been wanting to do this for so long now, and finally gave it the big push to get it done this week!


I had been using a word press plugin that was not very easy to use. I also use etsy, but am slowly going to move away from that.  I love etsy, but a lot has changed since I first opened my shop in 2008.  I will keep prints in my etsy shop for a while longer. We’ll see how it goes!


Just about everything is in my new shop now. All art prints are 40% off if you use coupon code BDAY44.  There is a ton of other stuff on sale too! Banners, calendars, original art, jewelry, pill boxes, ornaments and more! Look for the orange sale dots. Sale ends Saturday at midnight.

Please go check it out!

<3 <3 <3

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Words for 2016

I have picked my words for this year. Normally, I only pick one, but this year I could settled for only one. After narrowing it down, and thinking a lot about it, I ended up with three.  I feel so much better having done this.

My words for this year encompass how I want to feel in my business and my over all life.  I’ve written, more in detail, in my Desire Map Planner (which I absolutely love!). I am a big fan of Danielle LaPorte and what she teaches about living life by how you want to feel.  I love that! A big improvement over the whole new year’s resolution stuff.

More about why I chose my words and what they mean to me.

Expansive: To make big space for myself in my art biz allowing growth and what ever comes my way this year.  I can feel my reach extending further each year, and it really scares me. I hope to allow space for it this year, breathing into it with open arms –instead of resisting and trying to shrink and hide.

Lightness: I carry a lot of useless weight on my shoulders worrying about everything and stressing about every little detail.  I started to ask for help last season, which is really hard for me to do. I am hoping to allow myself to ask for help when I need it and to let some things go that are not serving my creative powers. More ease, less force. Let this lightness bring me more light.

Vibrant:  I want to feel more energetic and alive. A greater presence for me and my family.  To feel this way, I need to take better care of myself.  Eat and do things that make my feel more vibrant. Get rest when I need it. Make yoga and walking the dog a priority.  Do more hiking and movie nights with my family and more coffee and dinner dates with my honey.

Have you picked your words for the year?  I’d love to hear them!

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Books & Videos

My goal for 2015 was to read/listen to 30 books and I am very happy to say that I accomplished my goal!  It’s sorta easy, for me, to listen to books while I paint. Especially, when I need to do a lot of painting.  It just gets me relaxed and in a groove.  The narrator has to be good too, or the book won’t last.

It’s too hard to pick just one favorite. I LOVED Eleanor & Park, All the Light We Cannot See, Girl on the Train, Bossy Pants, Yes Please, The Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, The Secret Life of Bees & Big Little Lies the most.

My goal for next year is 36 books.  I am currently waiting for Big Magic.


I also wanted to share Marisa’s (of Creative Thursday) new video series that started yesterday. Have you seen it?

Marisa has been a huge inspiration to me over the years, especially recently with her Periscope videos (see them here). She is so honest and forth right with her stories about her own business and her new video series is just as informative and inspiring. I hope you will watch!

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Happy 2016!

So happy to be welcoming in 2016! I’ve always had  fondness for even numbered years.

I had wanted to make holiday things with the kids, read and make some art over the winter break, but after finishing up 5 art shows in 8 weeks, I ended up being sick the entire time. I was so worn out that the cold took hold of me and I couldn’t shake it for 2 weeks! Even while traveling to visit family, I ended up getting a little worse. But now, I am on the mend and excited to bring in the new year.

Cover art by Regina Lord

2016 is certainly starting off with a bang.  I am so honored to have my art on the cover of Tucson’s Natural Awakening for their January 2016 Natural Living Directory.  It turned out beautifully.

Regina Lord  Phoenix Home and Garden

I am also one of the featured artist in Phoenix Home and Garden, Made in Arizona: 17 Hand-picked favorites. Such an honor!

I am truly blown away by both of these magazine events. Feel like pinching myself!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my art over the last year. It really was a great year and such a pleasure to meet so many of you at all of the local art shows.

<3 <3 <3

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Happy Holidays!


{click on image to download free printable pdf}

A little gift to print out and color or use for embroidering.

Wishing everyone a beautiful and joy filled holiday weekend!

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8th annual Mercado Holiday Bazaar

December 18th-20thI’ll be at the 8th annual Mercado Holiday Bazaar this weekend, here in Tucson, AZ. If you are local, come see me and 50+ other amazing artists and craftsmen.

December 18th & 19th – 10AM-6PM
December 20th – 10AM-4PM


Can’t make it? Don’t miss out on my 2016 art calendars. On sale now, until December 20th. E-courses are on sale too!

Click here to see more –>

Happy Holidays!!!

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Frida, Street Fairs and Flash Sales

Art by Regina Lord

Finishing up another exhausting art show weekend, this one a little more stressful than most.  It rained, hailed and was super cold all of Saturday.  Sunday was better, but still a very long weekend.

I did sell the above Frida.  I have shared it before, but not with her gloriously painted plaster frame. I love her and I will miss her. :'(

4th Avenue Street Fair

Over the last 2 months I was able to sell 100 calendars.  I am super thankful that they sold. Now, I have ordered another small batch for my next (and last) show on Friday and am celebrating with a little FLASH SALE in my etsy shop.

Art calendars by Regina Lord

They will be on sale as well as my e-courses. This week only! Go check it out!   


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