Studio Tour part 3

Creative Kismet Studio Tour - painted floor

A final look at my studio space to share a few more new updates.

The flooring in my studio is a painted and etched concrete. We had them done professionally about 6 years ago when we moved in.

These floors have really seen some action with a rolling chair, scuff marks, paint and ink splatter, dripped wax and lots chips and cracks.  I thought, what harm would it do to add some intentional color? So, I grabbed a paint brush and some craft acrylic paints and made myself a mandala/medallion center piece. When it dried, I scuffed it up a bit with sand paper so that it would blend in and look worn.  Squirted on some liquid satin varnish and I was done!

Creative Kismet Studio Tour

My sweet Freya needed a space of her own too, since she is almost always by my side.  So, I got out some old pillowcases and linens and made a cushion, a bone pillow and curtains. I perfect little spot for her I think.

A space for Freya

Such a spoiled little princess!!

Creative Kismet Studio Tour

I made up a photo gallery for my art studio, if you would like to take a closer look. You can find it –> Here <–

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Studio Tour Part 2

Creative Kismet Studio Tour

For those of you who missed my studio tour and those of you who live far away, here is a little virtual tour for you.
Some of you may have seen pics of my room already, but there were several updates that I wanted to share.

Creative Kismet Studio Tour

The east wall with all of its morning sunshine. Please note the new curtains with stenciling. The old pillow case curtains were getting a bit too grungy and worn out.

Creative Kismet Studio Tour

South wall with my work table.  Just added the wall shelf right above the table and painted my old table light blue. To the left, two Ikea RASKOG rolling carts for all my paints, pencils and brushes, which helps give me more table space. The door on the right goes to the garage, where a lot of overflow ends up.

Creative Kismet Studio Tour

The west wall with my wonderful Ikea shelving unit (similar to this KALLAX unit). There is a door to the right of this shelf that goes to the rest of the house.

creative kismet studio tour

The North wall with another shelving unit that was recycled from our kitchen remodel and another row of wall hooks for my totes and bags.

Normally my studio is not this clean and tidy. There is still a ton of art in the garage that needs to be put away. I thought I better get a photo shoot of my space before I fill it up again with canvases and my cumbersome table easel.

More to share tomorrow!

P.S. For those of you who have been asking, I am also working on getting some originals in my shop. Photographing everything, editing and writing up product info will take me a bit of time. Hopefully by Wednesday!

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Studio Tour part 1

Did the studio tour thing all day today and it was pretty fun. So nice to be able to set up and hangout in my own space and let the people come to me for a change. ;p

We partially set up in the garage (which was a carport at one point) so that people wouldn’t have to go trekking through the house. Plus, I have too much art to display in my small studio space.

Tucson Artists' Open Studio Tour

I sold my beloved Frida painting today.  A wonderful and bittersweet thing because this particular Frida has been with me to all my shows for the last few years. She has had so many admirers, but not any takers until today.  She is going to a good home. I got a really good vibe from the new owners.

I also sold Girl with Pink Cup, another favorite.  She is also going to a good home – a repeat customer, which means the world to me.  I am really loving selling local. It is really great and important to have people see your work in person and allow them to meet the artist. It has added a whole new layer of excitement, confidence and bravery to what I do.

Will be showing more pictures of my actual studio tomorrow.

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Girl with Red Dress

Girl with Red Dress painting by Regina Lord

12 x 24, acrylic on canvas

I think I have been working on this painting for over 8 weeks now. Mostly I just stared at her trying to figure out where I wanted to go with it.

Girl with Red Dress art by Regina Lord

At first, her face was much more flat, her dress a plain red and the background was solid blue.

Girl with Red Dress by Regina Lord

If there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I don’t do simple very well. It needed texture, depth, complexity.  It took me so long to figure it out, but I am finally happy with how she turned out.

She is all ready for the studio tour. Maybe someone will fall in love with her and carry her away (after leaving me with a good sum of money, of course!).

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curb appeal

mail box art by Regina Lord

I’ve been getting the house and my studio ready for the studio tour that is happening this weekend.

mail box art by Regina Lord

Cracking the whip on my poor hubby, making him dig holes, paint posts, plant flowers, etc. He’s truly the best.  Never complains. I might have to make him his favorite pie when this is all over.

Mail Box art by Regina Lord

This new happier, brighter box is also bigger then our old sad wobbly one. This means we won’t have to try to catch the mailman or drive my print orders to the post. Yay!

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Expressions E-course is happening again!

 ExpressMayI running my Expressions E-course again and it starts in 1 month! On May 5th, to be exact.

facesCollageIt is the exact e-course that I ran last year, so if you missed it, now is your time to join. The 4 week course will run “live” (daily posts for 28 days) then can be continued or started as self pace for another 11 months.

You can learn more and sign up for the course HERE.

costRegular price $75.  Use Coupon code EARLYBIRD for $20 discount.  Offer Expires 04-13-14

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girl with bunny

girl with bunny art by Regina Lord

Acrylic on canvas, 12 x 16 inches

A girl in her garden with her bunny.

Happy Sunday.


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inspired by poppies

girl with poppies art by Regina Lord

We got another membership at the botanical garden (a favorite place of mine) and I have been going in the mornings, completely inspired by all the spring beauty.  There is a little patch of poppies that I like to sit by listening to the buzz of bees and fluttering of birds.

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TMoA 2014 Spring Artisan Market

Another fun and successful art show is done and over.  Yay!

I’m giving myself one day of rest before I move on to getting ready for the studio tour in 2 weeks!

Thank you to everyone who came to the show this weekend and bought some of my items. It is always so much fun meeting new and old customers.

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Today and all weekend

mini original art by Regina Lord

If you are local, I will be at the Tucson Museum of Art Artisan Market all weekend, starting today at 10am.

art by Regina Lord

This is what I have been working on for the last couple of weeks, all ready to go to the show with me.

art by Regina Lord

art by Regina Lord

Stop by if you are in town. I would love to see you!

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