Journal cover

journal cover  by Regina Lord

After I filled all the paged of this journal, I was about to stick it up on my shelf with all of my other journals, but hesitated. This black cover needs painting! So, I put it back on my table and got to work.

journal cover  by Regina Lord

I love, love, love it!  I wanted the girl to blend and fade into the background and wasn’t quite sure how I was going to make that work, but it did. I hope I can remember exactly what that was!

journal cover  by Regina Lord

The cover has all the things I love most.  Bright colors, texture, inspiring words and a portrait of a girl with big soulful eyes.

art journal by Regina Lord

One thing I regret about this journal is not dating each page I did.  I blogged about almost everything in it, so I could probably figure it out if I really wanted to, but the very first page I did was in September of ’09.  That’s almost 5 years ago!! I didn’t go in order either. I just opened randomly to a page and started painting.

One cool thing is that you can really see how much my style has changed and developed over the last 5 years, it’s just not in order from start to finish. Also, this moleskine was the first one that I ever bought for painting in and it’s been a wonderful journey going through all the pages.

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last journal pages

I finished up the very last pages of my moleskine art journal.

It was funny because when I finished and did a little happy dance. Then I thought, wait!! Have to to do something about that black cover.  So, that is what I worked on today.

Will share it tomorrow. :)

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journal pages revisited

art journal moon page by Regina Lord

the moon

These three pages were started ages ago, and I just lost interest in them. Since I only have one page left in my journal to finish, I thought I’d better finish these too.

art journal page by Regina Lord

bird in flight

art journal page by Regina Lord

the light

Have a happy weekend!

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journal page – profile

art journal page by Regina Lord

art journal page by Regina Lord

Sketch to paint.

Inspired by this photograph that I found on pinterest.

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journal page – Morgana

art journal page by Regina Lord

We’ve been watching Merlin on Netflix.  We love that show!! We started watching it over the summer break, and have just started the 5th season.

I just had to paint Morgana le Fay, with her black hair, blue eyes and velvety purple dress.

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journal page – dolly

art journal page by Regina Lord

A young girl with her new dolly.

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journal pages – awkward and glimmer

art journal page by Regina Lord

This was inspired by the young girls in my son’s class. The really tall, pretty girls who look and probably feel awkward in there skin and growing bodies, not knowing how beautiful they are.

art journal page by Regina Lord

I am really loving the shimmery look of using metallic paints.

art journal page by Regina Lord

 This one has golden glimmering highlights in her hair.

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journal page – moon dreaming

art journal page - moon dreams

A little moon dreaming for my art journal, inspired by the super moon last night.

I used my Lumiere paints for the moon and background and I am really loving the effect. I also used my pearl mica for the star dust dream ribbon flowing through the night.

I love the shimmery look and feel of this page. Very dreamy :)

homemade coconut yogurt.

I also made some yogurt over the weekend using this coconut yogurt recipe and it worked out great!  I drizzled and bit of honey and sprinkled some frozen blueberries and it was so creamy and luscious.  A lovely afternoon snack.

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journal page – bright eyes

journal page sketch by Regina Lord

Another sketch to paint in my journal.

journal page sketch by Regina Lord

This one with very big and bright eyes.

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Back to School Beeswax Snack Bags

snack bag desings by Super-E

It all started with the little crumpled note card 1 year ago.  Yea, 1 year! Ethan drew these and gave it to me after school and said, “Mom, you have to make these snack bags for us”.  Of course, I was like, “Yes, I most certainly do!! They are awesome!”

But then nothing.  As with many great ideas, it was put on the back burner.  Mostly because couldn’t think of a suitable fabric to make these with. I didn’t want any plastic type of material, and regular organic cotton felt too flimsy (which I had made before and didn’t last very long and got super dirty and stained). Then I stumbled across beeswax fabric and knew I needed to try this out.

beeswax snack bags by Regina Lord

First I made some squares (see underneath the snack baggies) of organic linen and cotton muslin, just to test the process out.  The linen felt too thick, but I may try making different (adult version) snack bags with those later. The thinner cotton muslin is great for using as bowl and food covers.  I love them! I hope to make more in different sizes and work on using a lot less plastic wrap and baggies.

beeswax snack bags by Regina Lord

Once I got the process down, I got to work on creating snack bags with the beeswax fabric.  You can see how the fabric looks a bit like old leather.  They feel very durable and dry.  I am excited to see how they work out with the kids (always the true test).

beeswax snack bags by Regina Lord

You can see how to make beeswax fabric food wraps –> HERE <–.

I did it a bit different, only because I really dislike turning the oven on in the summer.

First, heat the beeswax in a glass jar over a double boiler or in a mini hot plate, which is what I used. I got my beeswax from Mountain Rose Herbs. I bought 1 lb over 3 years ago and have used it for a hundred different things and still have 1/2 a bag left.

Then lay the fabric over a piece of foil and brush on a thin layer of beeswax with a natural bristled basting brush (which will now solely be used for beeswax applications). Then I zapped it with a heat gun to even out the beeswax.  This worked out really well for me.

beeswax snack bags by Regina Lord

For the snack bags, I had to paint on the eyes, hands, feet with fabric paint. Once the paint was dry, I then coated the fabric with beeswax.  this took a bit of planning, because I had to fold everything just right to get the correct placement of everything.

Then, I took everything to the sewing machine.  The only problem with sewing beeswax fabric, is that the fabric wants to stick a bit and not move through the sewing machine.  It’s not horrible, you just need to help it through every once in awhile.

I got distracted halfway through and decided to make a Totoro snack baggie. I have a bad feeling they will be arguing over who gets to use that one…sigh… I think I may be needing to make another.

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