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see how my garden grows

Check out our garden!!   It is so amazing to me that we are growing beautiful and delicious food in our back yard. I have been able to pick lots of lettuce, spinach and kale on a regular basis and … Continue reading

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our little garden

I am so thrilled to finally have some plants in the ground. We have been creating our spot, amending soil and planning for the last month.  I think I have been talking about growing a garden for years!! Thanks to … Continue reading

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Sunday Goodness

I had a beautiful day.  Hubby is home, no work, feeling great and I went out this morning with a friend.   These first two pictures were taken at my kid’s school. They have a gorgeous campus with beautiful desert … Continue reading

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au naturel

I’ve been whipping up a few beauty concoctions that I thought I’d share. * The Queen of Hungary’s Water. A blend of soothing herbs made into an astringent for your face. I use it after I clean my face. It … Continue reading

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so far, so good

Just an update post about my hair, skin and plants. Weird, I know, (and it’s only been a week) but it’s all been so good that I had to let you know about it. First my hair. I have been … Continue reading

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thoughts and more links

* I just bought Amy’s Potions & Concoctions pdf booklet.  It’s really great.  I’ve already been using her deodorant for the last 18 months and I love it. It still sweat a little bit in the summer, but who doesn’t … Continue reading

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so nice to be outside

This is an awesome time of the year for us south-westerners. It’s getting warm, but not too warm. No mosquitoes, yet. Lots of sunshine. It’s been so great. It’s hard to not want to be outside. We’ve been eating all … Continue reading

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AED & IF – Enjoy the MUSIC

For Art Every Day Month & Illustration Friday I did this sketch a while ago in my art journal, but decided today, to color it in with some acrylic paints and some neo II crayons. Those crayons are really fun … Continue reading

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herbal vinegar, for use as hair rinse and facial astringent I’ve been making my own shampoo, herbal vinegars and face scrubs.  I feel a little bit like I am making potions. A little Felix Felicis or Pollyjuice potion would be … Continue reading

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Sweet potato plant

Check out our sweet pototo that we have been growing.  He started budding in our pantry in early June and we popped hime into this cool little thrifted vase and he just took off. We have never been successful at … Continue reading

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