Cute Little Snowmen

little snowmen.jpg

Here is something that I have made that I thought I’d share. I made these little snowmen this week as ornaments. The instructions are as follows:

First you need: styrofoam balls (2 different sizes), white glue, spackling (I bought the kind that goes on pink and dries white), toothpicks, colored polymer clay(black & orange), acrylic craft paint( pearl white, glitter, black), yarn or fabric for scarf and hat, string or ribbon of choice.

IMG_0055.jpg1. Attach Styrofoam balls of varying size and attach to each other using white glue and toothpick. Allow to dry. Partially attach an additional toothpick into bottom. This will serve as a temporary handle to hold while applying spackling and paint.


IMG_0060.jpgIMG_0065.jpg2. Apply generous amount of spackling over entire surface of snowman. Wet finger and smooth spackling to make smooth surface. Allow to dry completely.


carrot noses.jpg3. Paint snowmen with a coat of pearly white acrylic paint. The snowman will turn slightly pink from the wet paint but will dry white. Meanwhile, start making eyes, nose, and coal buttons out of colored polymer clay. Shape then follow package directions. I cut toothpicks in thirds and inserted them into the noses then baked. This allowed for me the have something to poke into the snowman’s face area.

4. Make scarfs and hats. I crocheted mine with yarn but felt or other fabric would work as well.

5. Paint a coat of clear glitter paint- for added sparkle.

6. Attach hat, scarf, eyes, nose and buttons with white glue. Paint on smile. String ribbon or thread through hat, make a loop and tie.

7. Hang on tree or give to a friend.

So, while I was frosting these little guys with pink spackling, it made me think of a pig. So, I had to make one as a pig. Here he is. Happy creating!


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  1. Alina Chau says:

    Beautiful works!! brilliant!

  2. michelle says:

    Thought all your projects were great .I will be back when I try..

  3. yvonne says:

    All are wonderful!

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