Cool knitting gifts

Just thought I’d share a few gifts that I received for Christmas.

I have been really wanting to learn how to knit (for reals). I do know how to crochet and I have knitted a few scarves but they were only done with the knit stitch. I have never really known how to properly cast off and I have never known how to purl a stitch. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone who can knit. (if there is someone out there that I know who knows how to do this amazing craft please call me).

needlework.jpgAnyway, my grandmother gave me a very cool book about needlework ( The Complete Guide to Needlework circa 1979) . I tried learning by reading the knitting section from this book but that was a disaster….

“Hold needle with slip knot in left hand. Insert right needle and take yarn around it as for knitting. Draw yarn through to form new stitch, but do not drop first loop from left needle. Instead, transfer new stitch to left needle and knit into it to form the next new stitch”

Say What?!?!?!

I just can’t learn this way. I am very much a visual learner so I needed something better than this. Fortunately I received some great knitting gifts to help me on my way to knitting something other than scarves (see my 43 things # 29).

learntoknit.jpgLearn to Knit is a kit complete with video, yarn, instructions and needles (#8). I’ve watched it and am trying to make a real scarf with real knitting and purling stitches. From this I was able to watch someone do each stitch… rewind…. watch…. try…. rewind…. watch… try… etc, until I finally figured it out. I’ve learned so much from this little video. You are given instructions to make the pictured scarf. I really don’t fancy the blue yarn or the look of the scarf but its purpose is to teach you the garter stitch, stockinette stitch and ribbing. All very exciting.

coolgirl.jpgThe Cool Girl’s Guide to Knitting has simple instructions that are easier to follow now that I watched the above video. It has lots of cool and simple projects that I can’t wait to get started on.

alterknits.jpgAlterknits was given to me by my sweet husband. He likes to set high expectations for me because he thinks I can do anything. This book seems a little more complicated, but the projects are ultra cool and hip. There are some great felting projects in this book too. Another things I’ve always wanted to learn.

So, now all I have to do is complete my first “real” scarf. After that, I’m off to learn more and try bigger and better projects.

A special thanks to Grandma Fern, a close friend of the family, who passed away recently. It was to me, that all of her yarn was given to. I appreciate it and am looking forward to making something very special for her three beautiful great grand children whom I love dearly.

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  1. shoofly says:

    hey there, knitter! I’ve found a lot of useful resources online. is a great site. And if you want to see a crazy knitter in action, visit or

    Check out their links/patterns pages for tons of useful resources. Good luck & happy knitting!

    ps…my personal fav. book is the ‘last minute knit gifts’

  2. ellia says:

    thanks for the tips!!! i just learned how to knit and really wanna get good at it!! i just got some cool books and should get them any day now (one is called knitted babes) i want to make softies 🙂 any other tips for a newbie?! (thx too miss shoofly)

  3. Hi there, I am out searching for info on and found your site. I’m a fan of all crafts including and enjoyed your post. Good job.

  4. shoofly says:

    ok, heres one more link for a book of cool knit toy patterns:

  5. Georgiann Horabik says:

    I totally agree with that!

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