Clothing Revised

I bought these pants a couple of years ago. I don’t know what came over me (probably the sale tag) but I hate them, never wear them. They sort of remind me of parachute pants (80’s flashbacks- yikes!) and they swish when I walk which is very irritating. I’ve been planning on throwing them in a Goodwill box, but decided to first see if I could make them into those long shorts that everyone’s been wearing lately. I cut them off, hemmed them and I think I like the way they turned out. They’re good for wearing around the house & around with the kids anyway. Sorry- no full picture, I had a towel on my head. Thought I’d spare you.

dominobag.jpgI made two little bags with the pieces I cut off from the legs. Just made them shorter and stitched the edges. They make great bags because they have the handy little cinch string. One I’m using for sewing scraps, the other for dominos. I added the little image using the freezer paper & fabric paint technique. This techniques works like a charm. I’ve spiced up some little t’s with this technique also, but haven’t taken pictures yet. Maybe tomorow.

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2 Responses to Clothing Revised

  1. The Unknown says:

    What a great idea!

  2. Hey, “use what you have” is extending to May, good for you! And the shorts are great, but parachute pants…too funny. I need to try that freezer paper technique, it looks great.

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