Halloweeny things


I got this book when I was probably about 11 years old and 20-some-odd years later, I still have the same copy. It was the book I brought with me to all my childhood slumber parties. I know I read it to my younger sisters many a time and I was recently reminded by a younger cousin that I read it to him several times as well. I loved this book with all it creepiness. You should see it now. Pages falling out, corners ripped and scuffed. It’s what Halloween is made of. Scary creepy stories. I am saving it for my boys when they are much, much older. I couldn’t handle the thought of giving them nightmares!

(this image was found on the web- my copy looks much much worse)

I also have been decorating a bit.  Made some gauzy ghosts to hang out, with lights and jack-o-laterns.   Unfortunatley it poured the other night, soaking my little ghosts into drippy, limp and sad little strings of hanging gauze.  I just happened to take a picture of them before the rain.  I hadn’t finished the other decorations at the time, so you can’t see them in all their glory.


I also took out my halloween dessert dishes (which I usually forget to do).


I love this time of year!   Hope everyone has a safe and haunting weekend.

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  1. rebecca says:

    Happy Halloween to you too! Thanks for sharing some childhood memories and the book! I love scary movies, scary stories, haunted houses!!!

    Funny story, this weekend we were surfing the channels for something to watch, and we noticed a clown in this one particular movie. My middle child wanted to watch………..The movie was Stephen King’s IT. I read that a long time ago, knew it was scary, but it was on a family channel, and had “John Boy” in it. Well for the few minutes I let them watch it, it became a great enforcer of staying away from strangers, even if they have balloons and look like a clown. So what if I have made my kids forever afraid of clowns?! I think they actually already were.

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