Has it really been over a week since I’ve posted last? I’ve kind of been in a bit of a funk (not to mention everyone in my home is taking turns getting sick!) I guess I am overwhelmed with what to do first on my huge list of things to do. Feeling over stretched with work, wanting to spend time with my family and wanting to hide in my craft room. I’d probably get a lot more done too, if I weren’t sitting at this computer oohing and ahhing over what everone else is making right now.


Here is a picture of some of my works in progress plus a little light reading that I bought today. Most people freak out with the slight mention of Martha, but it’s the Christmas issue! I buy it every year- it’s kind of a tradition of sorts. It’s also another distraction from finishing my swaps, gifts and everything else.

First things first. I’m making a yummy veggie lover’s feast for tomorrow. Lots of dishes planned for my small family of four, but I must ensure that there will be lots of leftovers. I’m really looking forward to it actually. I haven’t been cooking as much as I wanted to since we moved here. And for my good friend the turkey (yes, we are good friends) I leave you with THIS SONG. You’ve probably seen it before, but I like to resurface it every year-makes me laugh!

I hope everyone has and very Happy Thanksgiving Day!!

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5 Responses to Hello!

  1. Michelle says:

    I think I just fractured a rib from laughing too hard.

  2. sue b says:

    I pick up the Christmas issue from Martha every year too!

  3. krista says:

    That was very funny. Thanks.

  4. rebecca says:

    Off to check out the song, but wanted to wish you Happy Thanksgiving. I feel exactly the same way……too much time surfing, and being overwhelmed….ok, off to eat my HAM!!!!

  5. moki says:

    oooh I saw the martha on the rack yesterday and resited the urge to open it…I already bought her gift making issue lol.

    Would some “Creative Kismet Christmas Countdown” blogging help you get motivated and stay on task? or would it just be another thing on the list?

    BTW Just made the cauliflower/chickpea yumminess again! Can’t thank you enough for that recipe…my whole family loves it!

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