Finally Organized

My craft room is finally safe to walk in. Organized, clean and so open feeling. It’s back to its old-self. Here’s a pic of my pretty fabric stash. Now if I could only keep it this way. I really should try to stay organized since we are house hunting. Organized rooms are so much easier to pack!

I found these old McCall’s Needlework & Crafts magazines (1962 & 1969) in my big clean out. I got them not too long ago from my ma-in-law, but they quickly got lost in my piles.

They are really fun to flip through. A lot of it I’m seeing become very popular today.

I love the cream sweater on the right and the crocheted dolls and softies. Very cute. Now my fabric is calling my name. Maybe another bag or two?

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5 Responses to Finally Organized

  1. moki says:

    Your stash is so pretty!!! I wish mine would stay stacked and folded too!

  2. Your stash looks wonderful and organized!

  3. melissa says:

    fabulous stash–looks great!

  4. Pasha Plum says:

    Ahh, I love the look of an organized stash! Where are you househunting?

  5. Kristi says:

    These look like a lot of fun to browse through.

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