Halloween: Part One

It’s the topic of conversation at least once a day– Halloween. Are we going to have a Ghoulish dinner again? Are we going trick-or-treating? Of course there is the big costume decision and finally, when are we going to start it all?!?!?We’ve got the costumes decided on, with a bit of coaxing in a different direction, because I simply cannot make a storm trooper outfit! And, I cannot get myself to buy a cheaply made plasticky costume at the store. Maybe an accessory or two is okay, but the costume itself MUST be handmade. Sorry. (for now anyway) 🙂

So to start this creepy time of the year off, a welcome spider for the front door. He’s actually a very friendly spider, keeping mosquitoes, and other creepies, at bay. Maybe it will keep unwanted solicitors away too. We’ll have to see.

I have more Halloween tricks and treats up my sleeve for later, because I completely love this time of year!

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7 Responses to Halloween: Part One

  1. Michelle says:

    *Love it!* Simply awesome choices in fabrics, you did real good! I can’t tell, but is some of that border fabric tea-dyed?

  2. Kristi says:

    That is perfect! I can’t wait to see the costumes you guys come up with.

  3. cindy says:

    Job well done! Nice array of black and white fabrics. This will be my first year not making my son’s costume. I promised him I would take him costume shopping and he wants something scary that’s not made by me. So long Robin Hood and Jack Sparrow. Bye bye Luke Sywalker. No more sheriffs, scarecrows, and puppies here. 10 yrs.old. A whole new era. Luckily, I have two little girls that still need my handywork.

  4. bunny says:

    I love Halloween and also dislike store bought costumes. They just don’t hold up to the extra play my kids want to do in them. I Really like you welcome mini quilt. Do you mind if I make my own version for my front door?

  5. Alexis says:

    Very cool spider and handiwork but I absolutely love your front door! Did it come with the house, or did you find it yourself?

    My girls decided to be teddy bears this year, which I thought would make things easy. But now that I have one costume made, I’m having a hard time motivating to make the second one.

  6. Michelle says:

    Super cool. Maybe I’ll have to make one. 🙂

  7. I think that might be the first spider I have ever liked:)

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