Breakfast and some cookies

I know it’s not Monday.  I just couldn’t wait till tomorrow to hop on the computer for a bit of sharing.


Breakfast : Cream of wheat made with soy milk, topped with yummy pumpkin butter, walnuts, and a touch of brown sugar.  My discovery of pumpkin butter has led to me wanting to put it on everything:  toast, vanilla soy ice cream, soy yogurt, on my granola and even in my baking.


Oatmeal-Banana-Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies :  Vicki over at Vegan Vice, won the “cooking with kids” contest  at VegCooking with a really great soy ice cream recipe.  She also won honorable mention with the tasty treats pictured above.  You can see the recipe HERE.  They are my family’s new favorite and will definitely become a regular.  The great thing about vegan cookies is that the kids can sample the cookie dough and there are no worries about uncooked eggs.  I may have to try this recipe with pumpkin butter instead of banana, you know, just because of my new found obsession with that pumpkin butter.

Oh, and the doilies?  My grandmother made them.  Aren’t they pretty?  You’ll probably be seeing more of them in my photos.

Happy Sunday,


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  2. melissa says:

    gosh, that looks delicious. i’ve never heard of pumpkingbutter before! might have to try those cookies too. thanks for yet more wonderful food inspiration!

  3. jonipossin says:

    We love hot cereal in the morning, especially oatmeat. I will send my husband (the shopper) on a search for some pumpkin butter today. Sounds yummy!

  4. Anastasia says:

    breakfast looks delicious!!!

  5. Those look delicious!

    Okay so I have a question for you… Where did you get that reading widget in your sidebar at the bottom? I have been looking for one of those…

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