It’s cooooooold!

Well, for southern Az it’s starting to get cold. Finally! And wouldn’t you know, our heater broke! Of course the part we need isn’t in and we have to wait till Monday (ugh!!!). A broken heater, big windows with no curtains, plus concrete floors makes for a rather chilly home. We are doing are best to keep warm. Baking, making soup, lots of hot tea and getting out the warm clothes and blankets is helping some.

My poor little guy doesn’t have slippers so I attempted to make some for him. I actually sketched out a rough drawing for these a month ago, then spent the whole morning trying to figure out my sketch and remember what I was thinking. I had traced his foot back then as well and used that same foot pattern. Unfortunately, I think his foot has grown over the last month because they just barely fit.

I put puffy paint zig-zags on the bottoms(fleece) to make them skid-free. I think it did the trick. You know, those concrete floors can be slippery for little slippered feet. Especially the kind of feet that like to run as fast as Super Man.

I don’t have a pattern for these, but I do have a headache from making them. I’d like to say that I’ll be making these again, bigger and lined with fleece, but that may very well be a pipe dream. Who knows, I may get a little more motivated if we don’t get some heat in this place!!

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15 Responses to It’s cooooooold!

  1. Aunt Jenny says:

    Such cutie slippers for even cuter little feeties! Hope you all stay nice and toasty until your heater is fixed! Lots of Love, Aunt Jenny

  2. Michelle says:

    I think they look so toasty wonderful, sorry they gave you a headache! I’ve had those days, too. Well, those weeks, actually, but… anyway. You can’t tell they didn’t go together flawlessly by looking at them.

  3. Leticia says:

    The slippers are adorable! What did you make with the sheep fabric? I have the same and made some pillows. Too cute!

  4. beki says:

    those are cute and practical! using puff paint for the soles is brilliant.

  5. Rebecca says:

    Love the puffy paint soles….tried in on felted slippers and didn’t work out so well.

    So sorry it is cold….I start wearing my wool socks in October, even late sept…but your warm heart will persevere!!! gooshy huh!?!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Those are amazing! I love the spaceship fabric you chose too. I hope your heater gets fixed soon!

  7. Piecake says:

    Isn’t he lucky to have a crafty Mom! Stay warm!

  8. Flassie says:

    Slippers are so cute. I made some last
    year from Martha Stewarts website. Had
    to alter the sewing because of the
    material I used. Thanks for the skid tip.
    I really needed that. I wondered. I almost
    fell b/4 with the ones I had. So I am careful.
    Ideas for staying warm. Look up How to
    stay warm in Home without a heat or what
    to do in a poweroutage at
    They have some hints. I also wear a
    bonnet at night when I sleep. I made one
    out of thermals, the ruffle of an old nightgown and a silk flower. For guys you don’t have to put the frills on it. I wear thermals also besides wool socks. Hope that helps. Have a Blessed Month!!!

  9. Flassie says:

    I forgot dd and I have been making
    Flaxseed mircowave pillows if you
    have a mircorwave you can make them.
    Mircorwave wattages are different so
    the heating times are differnet. Also
    it might depend on the size you make.
    I’ve also made pocket ones. I finally
    figured out how I wanted the covers
    made for them. I put them in the bottom
    of the bed to warm my feet up so I can
    sleep. Hope this helps.

  10. Ravenhill says:

    These little slippers are out-of-this-world cute! I found you via Liquid Paper. You had sent her such a super scrap basket. I loved the idea and your generosity… So I had to peek. I am so glad I did. I am taken by your water colors and your sewing. You obiously take a good deal of thought in your photography as well. I will be back to look more!

  11. nicole says:

    those booties are adorable!

    just stopped by to wish you a joyous holiday season. i recently listed a free calendar download on my blog if you’re interested in checking it out!

  12. wayfarer says:

    Lucky i found your blog today! I’ve been working on some shoes for baby gifts and wanted to make slippers but can’t find that skid free material so i was using courderoy but this is a great looking and fun option! Thanks.

  13. Those are such cute slippers! I can totally relate to that feeling though of wanting to make something again, but not sure it is worth the effort I had to put in the first time around:)
    I hope your heat gets fixed soon!

  14. Anastasia says:

    oh my gosh! so gorgeous….

  15. Michelle says:

    those look really cute! sorry it’s so cold there, here in calif. it’s cold as well and we have tile floors. I have you on my list for the xmas pc sap and I just wanted to let you know that yours is in the mail tuesday!

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