Dear Santa…

I’m wishing for a long magical life of believers. That the children of the world believe in you longer than they seem to be lately. That this belief is sprinkled in with lots of the other meaningful holiday traditions.

It’s just more fun to believe and keep that childhood imagination soaring for as long as we can. It’s that imagination that flames a long fulfilling creative life.

My Little guy spent a good portion of Tuesday writing a letter to Santa. I love the “I try to listen” part. He does try, which is so, so hard for a 6 year old. He added a few questions at the end. “How do you get your mail?” and “How fast does your sleigh go?”. We’ll be working on a return letter just to keep the holidays a little more magical for him. I love that he believes in Santa. He is usually a little more skeptical (like his father) about most things. I think The Polar Express helped seal the deal a little.

How fast does Santa’s sleigh goes anyway?

Do you love my Santa collection. I do! They are “vintage”. My lovely mother-in-law gave them all to me I think. I’m not sure about the one on the far left. I have a growing collection of Santas and of snow globes. I always look forward to pulling these out of the closet every year. They make me smile.

Tomorrow morning I will announce the ornament winners!!  The cut off for leaving a comment is tonight at midnight. 

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