Maybe next year….

Maybe next year I’ll make some of these incredibly awesome holiday crafties. I’ve been favoriting them on my flickr to help me keep track and remember.

1. vintagechristmas07, 2. kid/mom scrap ball collaboration, 3. gingerbread mobile, 4. Christmas Stockings, 5. christmas tree patchwork, 6. Glass box, 7. Flashy Glitterboard Cottage!, 8. gumdrop wreath, 9. Soft Trees Forest, from the Purl Bee, 10. Day 12: Christmas Peggy, 11. Peppermint garland, 12. Full Moon Forest patchwork tree, 13. decking the studio, 14. Advent garland, 15. My Christmas Trees, 16. is it time yet?, 17. Advent stocking garland, 18. garland swap – sent, 19. Molly’s Star Ornaments, 20. Christmas Tree Deco, 21. detail, 22. Gum Drop Balls. Much better than Schwetty Balls, 23. fabric chain garland, 24. Decorated table top holiday trees, 25. candy cones

On another note, I’ve finished all of my shopping. I still have a few gifts to make for my little guys (and maybe the big guy too). I was 95% loyal to my Handmade Pledge. I have a 6 year old. That is my excuse. He had a couple of things on his list to Santa that just can’t be handmade. We didn’t indulge him in all of his requests, but a couple couldn’t hurt.

A huge order was made from Amazon (books were the exception), and then there was ETSY. I have to say that hitting that “add to cart” button was quite satisfying. Not only are you buying very cool handmade stuff, but you are supporting others in their handiwork. Quite an amazing feeling. An added bonus was crossing off several names off the list and not stressing about making more stuff (next year I’ll try to be more prepared –ha ha).

*********Sisters and Mother Do NOT Read beyond this point!!!*********

I bought THIS and THIS from Alison Stine.

These very cute hooded towels from Tiny Bubbles.

This really great felt soap from Spider Felt.

And this really great felting kit from Garland Cottage Needle Felting.

It’s not much, but I feel loads better about it having bought handmade.

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  2. kristin says:

    HA!! “Maybe next year…” that sounds like me too. 🙂 have a very merry christmas Regina!!

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