[IF] Choose

This illustration (for illustration friday, word: choose) represents my younger self and my younger husband (15 years younger). I think I chose him, he thinks he chose me, but really it was instantly mutual. And honey, I’ll always choose you because I can’t imagine anyone else making me laugh as much, making me as happy or loving me as much as you do. (Now, you didn’t think I’d make it through an entire Valentines day post without a little bit of sap did you?)

And these are for my little guys. I had a craft date with a new friend today (we had so much fun) and I made the one on the left. When I got home I made the one on the right which is on a different type of cardboard so it looks a bit brighter.

These were the responses from my little guys:

Super-E: “Thanks Mom, it’s cool” Turns around and walks off. (what do ya expect, he’s 6)

I-guy: “Thanks mommy!!! I love it, I love it, I love it!!” while twirling around and looking at it lovingly. Wow, didn’t expect that kind of supreme cuteness! We immediately headed into their room and hung these up by their beds.

The night wasn’t complete without heart shaped pasta for dinner and wacky cake for dessert (recipe courtesy Pink Chalk Studio) Thanks Kathy, it was soooo good!

Hope everyone had a love filled Valentines Day!

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4 Responses to [IF] Choose

  1. carla says:

    So sweet! I love both pictures and their stories. The “sap” warmed me right up – we need to let it flow from time to time!

  2. andrea says:

    Awwww, great illo and cards!

  3. Aunt Jenny says:

    awww sister ~ you make a great valentine:) hope you had an especially love filled day!
    i love you muchly!

  4. Alexandranewfriend says:

    Yippee! I had a great time too! And my inspiration boots are back on my feet! I made 13 cards since you were here. Thank you!

    And your other valentines are LOVELY!

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