mmmm strawberries!

I got a great night’s sleep and feel much better today, even if it was the dreaded food shopping day, which ended up being not so bad once I threw a little craft shopping in too.  What makes food shopping even better is the company of my I-guy.  He is very patient and sweet and I can talk to him the whole time about what to buy and who is bugging us (ie; the unpleasant cashier at sunflower market).  So he makes it much, much better.

I saw yummy strawberries at the market today and knew exactly what to do with them once I came home, and suddenly strawberry pie (recipe HERE) was at the top of the list of things to do today. I also made pita chips (from left-over pita bread) and creamy vegan dip with fresh organic dill.  YUM!  So, even though I did zero crafting, We all ate some very yummy food, which is just as good in my book.

I also bought these patterns ($0.99 at JoAnns) and that feels good too.  Yep, having patterns pile up in a stack of high expectations is a great feeling.  Okay, I’m being very sarcastic, but someday I will conquer and have new capri pants, a jacket and lots of custom shirts. Ha!

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4 Responses to mmmm strawberries!

  1. michelle says:

    I just bought those same three patterns. But, mine cost $30! I got them online, so at least I didn’t have to drive the 45 min. or so to the nearest JoAnns. Let’s see who can make something first.

  2. Dallas says:

    Ooh, the pie looks delicious, and I love the tablecloth underneath it.

  3. kittee says:

    Your pie is gorgeous, I hope you liked it. Thanks for linking to my blog and have fun with the Built by Wendy patterns!


  4. Oh that pie looks delicious! I am with you on the someday I will conquer and have all those patterns in my pile made into lovely garments to wear 🙂

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