More NYC

A few of my favorite black & white pictures of New York.

New York City outside my hotel window

Outside my hotel window

Central Park

Central Park



I also want to direct you to some giveaways I’ve seen.  Some good stuff.  Go check ’em out.

* Green Mamma is giving away a great children’s book

* Flossy-p is giving away a commissioned art piece, you pick the subject matter.

* Affectioknit is giving away a beautiful little advent ornament.

I do realize that sharing these things with you decreases my chances of winning, but you can’t keep good stuff like this all to yourself (and not feel guilty).

Also, Zazzle is having some good deals right now.  All business cards are 50% off.  It is such a good deal that you can order several different styles or images instead of just one for a really good price.  I went a little crazy today making six sets of 100 cards (yes, 600 cards) with 6 different images of my own art. I spent barely over $50.  I was going through my moo cards so quickly that I started getting stingy.  Not gonna be stingy anymore.  Oh, and if you spend over $45 you get free shipping too (code: HOLIDAYSHIPS).  So, you can see now why I went so crazy. I’m not getting paid for this, by the way. Just sharing.

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5 Responses to More NYC

  1. Thanks for the mention, Regina! Also, I love the black and white photos. In fact, I have decided to focus on taking photographs since it is something artful that I enjoy and may eventually be good at =) (I guess what I am referring to is my poor sewing skills (=.)

    Anyway, thank you for the mention and always inspiring me.

  2. Taryn says:

    I think the picture of Central Park is my favorite. They all turned out great though.

  3. Kelly says:

    Great pictures, they are all great and would be perfect on postcards. Thanks for the links and I am off to check out that Zazzle offer.

  4. lisette says:

    Love your pictures! Lucky you to get to NY. Wish I could go too!!

  5. Debi says:

    Great photos!! I thought of you while eating (twice!) at Angelica Kitchen. We had great vegan meals there. Yummmm.

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