look, listen & enjoy

Nothing creative.  Can’t seem to get going- to do SOMETHING–anything.  Just don’t feel like it.

I am doing other things that don’t require much effort or creative thinking.  For instance:


*Watching this guy dance.  He is crazy cool, don’t you think?  He’s got m-o-v-e-s. I could watch him for hours.  He’s been a favorite of mine for a long while and he’s got ton’s more dancing videos.


*Listening to Laura Marling and watching this great video. I think she’s pretty cool.  This video is awesome too.  And since we’re on the topic of music, THIS is what I’ve been listening to lately.

*Watching Penelope and eating homemade organic popcorn. I’m a sucker for fairy tales. So inspired by her clothes and bedroom.

*Looking at this beautiful piece of art and wishing I wasn’t watching my wallet.

*Enjoying FB WAY too much. Considering a FB diet.

*Looking at birds and still waiting for 10 more packages.

*Getting inspired for Amy’s ATC swap by swooning over all these different hearts.

*Making button eyes.

That’s all I’m doing.  What are you doing? Anything creative?

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9 Responses to look, listen & enjoy

  1. sistermama says:

    I love the dancing in the grocery store. I had to watch it twice, first to check out the moves and the second to watch all the other people. SOOO funny how adults ignore little pockets of whimsy, and yet the only kid to walk by couldn’t stop watching. Maybe its late, and maybe its the glass of wine I had, but I love the statement of that eccentric dancing in front of all the piles of trucked in crap in a box, ya know?

  2. Stephanie says:

    Awesome grocery store dancing. And I love Laura Marling, thanks for introducing me to her.

    I just finished knitting up the pieces for one of my bunnies. So, I’ve been slightly creative and productive.

  3. Paula says:

    Maybe it’s in the air. I can’t seem to do anything creative this week or even come up with a blog post. Here’s to us all getting our mojo back. This weekend. I feel it coming~

  4. sistermama~ I love watching passer-byers react (or ignore) the dancing. It’s so great!

    Paula~I hope I get my mojo back. It’s not like I don;t have a huge list. Hey wait, maybe that’s the problem.

  5. suesue says:

    loved the dancing guy! where can i find penelope? is it out in the stores? i loved the trailers! actually creating because i finally have some time for myself and i can knit or crochet in front the tv. thanks for the link!!

  6. monique says:

    oooooh good videos and ideas…penelope…might have to try that for my funk today

  7. Andie says:

    Lol…Ok i’ve been compiling a list of songs that are about sleep and the Marling one is on my list. Crazy sister vibes.

  8. Jane Weston says:

    OMG – my mom shops in that grocery store with the dancing guy!! I watched it trying to see if she was in the background LOL

  9. The dancing in the grocery store is just too funny 🙂 Today I am trying to get a few non-crafty items checked off my to do list… Hopefully then I can get to working on some sewing projects 🙂

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