Q&A and Thank you!

Thank you first, for all of the very kind comments about my Martha Stewart show.  It really was a lot of fun, especially after a long anxious wait.  I really apprecaite every single person that stopped by.  I was seriously floating all day.

I’d also like to thank everyone at MSL who guided me through this amazing experience and helped me with my project.  Oh how I would love a crafting job at MSL!  Boy was it ever fun.

There were lots of emails and comments with questions about this experience.  I’d love to share a bit about it, hopefully without boring you to tears.

1.  How did you get this gig? After I posted these tshirts back in October, I got lots of really positive feedback.  I was told by the producer that they stumbled on my project, possibly after seeing it on Craft:.  So, thank you very much Jenny Ryan, for giving me that recognition!

2. How was it at MSL? It was crazy cool.  Everyone was incredibley nice and helpful.  Lenore, the producer and Kristin, my craft assistant were especially kind and supportive.  Kristin, a fellow veg head, set us on route to some amazing vegan bites.

The craft room was awe inspiring.  I spent the entire day there working on my project and then taped the next day.  Everything you could ever need was all neatly stacked in labeled boxes, of course.  I also got to see the craft staff in action making some way cool stuff.

3. How was Martha? Our time together was very brief. I saw her right before we taped my segment for a few seconds and then was whisked away as soon as it was done.  But she was very kind and pleasant during out short time together.

4. Will you be making tshirts to sell? I hadn’t planned on making tshirts to sell because it is not really my thing.  I had never intended to be a tshirt maker/seller. I also will be going out of town very soon and am running really short on time.  I will be emailing those who asked and am still contemplating this question.

5.  Can I see your show online? Yes.  It will be on the MSL website soon.  All segments are put in video format for anyone to see.  It just takes a few days for them to be put up.

6.  Will you be making more eyeball patch kits? I am currently up to my eyeballs in eyeballs.  I will make more when I get back from my vacation if there is still an interest.

Above is a picture of my niece with her eyeball tshirt and fairy apron that I made her for Christmas.  Pink of course. The pink tshirt is from target. My nephew got a green one too.  I started a flickr group so that you can add your eyeball creations.  I’d love to see what you are making!

Shoot me any other questions and I’ll try to answer them in this post.

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2 Responses to Q&A and Thank you!

  1. Green Mamma says:

    I was curious how Ms. Stewart is in person; I’m happy to hear you had a good experience with her. Since I’ve only seen a few photos of you here and there, I was excited to “meet” you live on Martha. Not only did I think you are a fine crafter and teacher of crafts, but I thought you looked so confident and beautiful standing next to Martha.

    While I don’t think that Martha has to be “the” recognition for a creative person’s work, I still think that it is totally awesome that your talents were featured on her show. You absolutely deserved to be on Martha and in my mind, I think you should have your own crafting show. Then again, I’d miss seeing you here at Creative Kismet . . .

    I realize I’m gushing with praise, but Regina, thank you for being a huge inspiration to so many, 🙂

  2. anastasia says:

    hey hon! you were SO cute on Martha – was lovely to hear your voice…you did great and the Tshirts were super!!

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