b+w : day of the dead bead

A quick black & white shot after work today for Maya’s b&w challenge. Can you see how dry my hands are? Ick! Well, I guess they don’t look as bad in the picture as they do in real life.  They are cracked and dry and they hurt. I am hoping that the little bit of moisture in the Oregon air will help them to feel better.  The bead is from a friend at work.  She knows how much I love Day of the Dead stuff and got it for me. Such a nice and thoughtful little gift. I thought this picture would be timely since I didn’t get a chance to post on All Saints or All Souls day.

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4 Responses to b+w : day of the dead bead

  1. Stephanie says:

    Your hands don’t look bad in the picture! Mine are getting there but I keep slathering on lotion in the hopes that they won’t fall off the deep end completely.

  2. amy says:

    What a sweet little bead! And I can so commiserate with you on the dry skin business. Ugh. My woes are compounded by the fact that I really can’t stand heavy hand creams or greasy lotions on my skin.

    Safe travels too!

  3. Melly-D says:

    I love that little bead;lovely with it cupped in your hands like that fab also to play with black and white film-haven’t done that for years…..maybe time to play!! My hands get sore too in Winter and I rub in olive oil with a drop or two of lavender oil in at bedtime and pop on old socks(on my hands obviously!!;-))Love Melx

  4. Vicki says:

    Cool bead.
    get yourself some burt’s bees cuticle cream, it’s amazing for dried out fingertips and hands.

    I made eyeball t-shirts and skull beads this past month, thanks so much for your tutorials!

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