winter bliss

winter bliss to me is: hot tea or coffee, boots, warm socks, warm pajamas, friends, cozy indoor family time, soups and stews, red wine, lots of popcorn, dresses with leggings, birdseed for the birds, snuggling & smooching, knitting/crocheting, snow, gray-blue weather, magic, new beginnings and lots of love.

* sharing some flickr favorites

* enjoying some ornaments from amy’s ornament swap. I love them.

* put away all the holiday stuff today. The house seems less cluttered, fresh, nice.

* made a new banner (come on over & check it out).

* going out tonight for dinner with my friend…yay!

* new “currently inspired by” on my sidebar.

* i made my first beanie today– knitting on the round!!!  I still need lots  more practice.

* looking forward to starting Mondo Beyondo on Monday.

what is your winter bliss?

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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8 Responses to winter bliss

  1. Ika says:

    Right at this moment – sitting at my desk with a warm mug of tea, watching the scenario outside: Trees white covered in frost and snow, the grounds and the sea snow-covered as well, and the sky above in soft colours from the low sun. And knowing that up here in the north, we have passed the darkest days and for the next six months everything will grow lighter, lighter and lighter.

  2. my current winter bliss is this hot mug of coffee with vanilla and soy milk and my new slippers. i actually came off my reader to see your new banner and it was worth it. i love it!

    lets see pics of your first beanie. i love when crafters share pictures of new skills 🙂

  3. Helen says:

    Lovely winter-inspired photographs! We’re all currently holed up indoors, wrapped up warm with the snow outside. Definitely hot chocolate, and maybe some homemade cinnamon buns on the menu later!

  4. Mousy Brown says:

    My winter bliss is the crackle of a real fire as I sit and craft – so soothing and relaxing! Really love the new banner – you are so clever!

  5. Sarah Jayne says:

    Thank for sharing the lovely photos

  6. Can’t wait to hear about the Mondo Beyondo class. Great mosaic. Those are all winter bliss to me too!

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