I have a really hard time with blank art journals. The pressure of that first blank page is very daunting. What should I put there? Whatever it is, it should be really great. Silly, I know…

After hopping around from web page to web page, I stumbled upon this quote by Keri Smith.  I new right away that it should be the first page.  I also new that OPEN was going to be my word of the year. I didn’t want it–didn’t seem fancy enough, but it has been following me everywhere!

Then, I wrote the following in my calender book today and that made it official:

“I am keeping myself wide OPEN for new adventures, friendships, creative energy and courageous spirit. “

Things to check out….

* This Mission: ATM now stands for Always Trust Magic

* Weekly art prompts at Art House

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4 Responses to open

  1. Jessica says:

    Cool. That’s a welcoming word. My word this year is “focus.” I just started practicing yoga again and I am trying to appreciate being in the moment, all of my moments, every single one. Looking forward to seeing where your word leads you this year, 🙂

  2. suesue says:

    Wonderful word! I love the quote in your journal too-have fun!!

  3. Great word and quote. I wanted to tell you how great it was to see your you tube video. You did wonderful on Martha! I was so excited watching it!

  4. Beth says:

    I know you have a list of tutorials. Would you please add mine to the list? I want people to get some use out of it. Thanks!

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