lovely hearts

just to get you in the mood~

1. Heart, 2. Heart of my heart…, 3. Paper hearts, 4. we are the poets, 5. Graph: chuculeta┬┤s crochet heart, 6. “The love you take is equal to the love you make”, 7. Bokehlicious Hearts, 8. Spools, 9. Heart milk (365/227), 10. 5/10 My heart like an open book, 11. i heart recycling (d2d: 4/2), 12. Flaming heart, 13. love is beautiful, 14. Hearts: 14/2/07, 15. heart-starter, 16. instantaneous, 17. Your heart may stand in the sun…, 18. HUMAN HEART, 19. Hanging my heart out to dry, 20. Peanut Butter Cup Heart, 21. I Heart Walnuts, 22. I could be there for you, 23. Heart Card (Hart Kaart), 24. Heart’s day on repeat, 25. I heart Roma, 26. Heart of Stone, 27. Music from the heart, 28., 29. Broken heart type, 30. newspaper heart bunting

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3 Responses to lovely hearts

  1. Michelle says:

    Oh, I love the “my heart is an open book” one! Happy Valentine’s day, and Happy Chinese New Year!

  2. There is something so inspiring in seeing a collection of hearts, expressed in so many different ways! Thanks for sharing them with us. Have a Happy Valentines Day!

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