I was inspired last night to paint. That inspiration hit me at about 9 pm making me wide eyed and painting wildly until midnight. I woke up at 7:30 and headed straight to my table to finish them.  It’s strange and magical when inspiration decides to strike.

Butterflies have been inspiring me as of late. They are so beautiful bringing happiness and hopes of wonderful transformation and change.

Both paintings were done on 5 inch wood blocks. I love working on wood because you can scrape, stamp and sand for lots of wonderful texture.

I had lunch with a dear friend and we often talk of change, growing and dreams. Dreams! We do love to dream. She is one of the few people I know who will achieve all her dreams, despite the bumps on the way, and transform gloriously on the other side.

And in vintage blogger style, I had to take pictures of her coffee mugs. Just gorgeous! We had espresso which raced through me causing me to jitter and talk at a most rapid rate.  I’ll have to stick to my tea, but it’s always a fun and wild ride when highly caffeinated drinks are on board.


P.S. I have been accepted into the Indie Fixx Summer Galleria.  I’ve added lots on new prints to my shop, including the two above, but head on over to Indie Fixx first for a special summer coupon.


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One Response to butterflies

  1. Tricia says:

    yummy.. that mug makes me want warm soup and cold weather 😀
    I love the new art… it inspires me so much, and then I would get that block of wood and stare at it for hours.. you are such an inspiration and joy to see all of your creations.

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