the 333 dress

We are going to Oregon to see my sister in almost 10 days and I wanted to take a little something for my little niece Ruby.  Fortunately, my friend Amy had an awesome pdf sewing pattern that I bought on her etsy shop.  You need 3 fat quarters and roughly 3 hours to complete it.  Just whipped it up this morning.

It was supper easy and the instructions are written very well.  I think I may have messed up the armhole curve because I wasn’t paying attention, doing the opposite of what the instructions said. I think it will still work. Now I just have to wait until our trip to see if it fits( I still have to sew in the buttons because I’m waiting).  If it’s too big, I can see her wearing this in the winter with a long sleeve shirt underneath and cute little leggings.

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3 Responses to the 333 dress

  1. amy says:

    First, thanks for the mention! Second I wanted to let you know Molly still wears that original dress this summer as a longer top with shorts and she’s a full on 3T these days. I’m getting ready to size the pattern up again to make her a new dress and size it down to tiny for my baby niece too.

    I think those armholes look fine to me, great job! Love the fabrics you used too.

  2. Teresa says:

    What an adorable dress!

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