I am in full force clean up mode around here. I’m doing so well too. Usually when I clean up my craft room, I really don’t end up throwing anything away. I just sorta reshuffle it into new places. This time I am looking at each piece of paper, fabric with new eyes.  I’ve had some of my fabric for ages now and am having a hard time remembering why I bought it in the first place. Some of it, my vintage linens for example, I just have way too much of.

I have 2 huge bags going to goodwill, 2 huge piles of trash and a table full of fabric I’d like to send to a good home. I’m not sure how I’m going to do it, but I may put it all for sale in my etsy shop (or my old one) and just see what happens.  I have loads of large vintage linen pieces, around 35 x 48 inches big–more than shown in the picture. Plus, big pieces of random fabric and scrap bundles too.  I’m hoping to have everything in my shop sometime next week, once I figure out how to ship it as cheaply as possible so everyone can get a really good deal. Sound good?

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10 Responses to destashing

  1. Regina says:

    Sound very good for me!!

  2. Oh YES, YES YES. That is a SUPER-DEE-DOOPER idea!!!

  3. Jaime says:

    sounds very good to me : )

  4. sperlygirl says:

    oh yes!! plz let me know if you put it in your shop. would LOVE to shop your stash 🙂

  5. Heather says:

    Sounds fantastic. I love the fabric combinations you use, for some reason I have a hard time mixing and matching. So if you would be so kind to put together little coordinating bundles that would be most excellent! =)

  6. curlsofred says:

    Yes, I’d also be up for shopping your stash…

  7. Linda says:

    Don’t let me buy the vintage linens in the third picture! I wasso inspired to destash myself!

  8. mjb says:

    Why is it I’d love other people’s stacks of destashing stuff even though I’ve got my own stacks that I really need to get rid of? I guess because it would be something new and different to stare at all the time besides the things that I’ve gotten tired of trying to figure out how to use!

  9. katevet says:

    Sounds great 🙂

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