destashing sale is on!

I’ve spent the entire day adding fabric scraps, pieces, patterns and the like to my shop. Ahhhh, it feels good to let go. I still have a box that I’d like to send to Iraqi Bundles of Love and I still have a big load of fabric in my collection, including lots of vintage linens, and lots more scrap. How does a girl acquire so much stuff!  (I know,don’t answer)

Figuring out the shipping was the hardest part. If an order has multiple items, the price of shipping can go up quickly because of the weight of the fabric, and such.  So I tried to keep shipping as reasonable as I could, hopefully not having to pay extra on my end, or you on your end.  So, if the shipping was way more than it needed to be, I will gladly refund the excess.

Also, international order are welcome, but expect shipping to be $11 or higher.  Just shoot me an email if you are interested and I’ll give you a special quote.

Thanks for letting me share my goods. I hope they get some good use by people I know love to craft and sew as much as me.

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2 Responses to destashing sale is on!

  1. Just emailed you about shipping! 🙂

  2. Lovely goodies!
    I am here from Rhythm of the Home. I loved your herb harvest basket!

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