Happy Halloween!

Here are my two little cute guys. Their store bought costumes were a huge hit. Everyone did their best Italian accented, “Mario…Luigi” whenever they saw my guys. It was funny. Although, they were once mistaken for two railroad guys.

They had fun going from house to house, but they didn’t have as much steam as would be expected from a 9 and 5 year old. Lucky for me, because I was very much out of steam too.

I didn’t get to take pictures of our ghoulish dinner, which is good since nothing really turned out as expected. I made :

* monster finger bread sticks, easy enough.
* mashed BOOtatoes. Mine turned out to be a more rustic versions, lumpy but still very yummy. And I used black olives for the eyes.
* And I tried making this into a brain version as a savory veggie pot pie. That didn’t really turn out at all, but it was real tasty.

Anyway, it was fun, but I’m sure glad it’s over.  Hope yours was good too.

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