little house

I just wanted to share this little house painting that I was commissioned to do. I was so nervous making it, worried she wouldn’t like it, or that I didn’t get the colors right.

I added a personal quote that had special meaning which I added after snapping these pics. I sent a sneak peek and she loves it!! Oh sweet relief.

So now it’s packaged pretty and ready to be sent off. I really needed this little painting job because I was inspired to paint 2 more paintings right after this one was done. It feel like I haven’t painted in ages. It felt so good to get my hands dirty and paint, paint, paint.

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5 Responses to little house

  1. elsa says:

    love your use of color and design! it’s a very sweet picture … you really inspire me to use brighter colors!

  2. grandma Cindy says:

    What’s not to love. 🙂
    Love your new banner too, great colors

  3. Such a beautiful painting! I am not at all surprised that she loves it 🙂 Your work is always beautiful Regina! 🙂

    Did my banner inspire your new one? 🙂 Love it!

  4. Tammy McGee says:

    Hey Regina! Not sure if you will remember me (artfest crazy lady and one of your floormates! I had the huge girl painting :o) I saw your stuff in 1 yard wonders when I was at Micheals the other day!!!! Congrats! You make such wonderful and inspiring things :o) Love the colors on your latest little painting! Just did one myself this week after a long break.(its on my blog) Your so right! It feels so awesome to get covered in paint!LOL! Are you coming to artfest again this year?? Hope so :o) Talk to you soon!

  5. Anjeanette says:

    Thank you so much for your beautiful art! I look at it and it makes me so happy. The colors are perfect and it turned out even better than I hoped for. What a treat;)

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