Art is good therapy

I have been crashing through my yuckiness with some drawings and some connecting with all of you. All the new visitors and old friends coming by, has really lifted my heart.  Truly, I thank you! I still am struggling through thoughts and feelings from last Saturday. I can’t get that little girl out of my mind.

Because I am trying to ground myself, and get though all of this, I am focusing on my art, my kids and trying to stay clear of any negativity.

Art has been good therapy during this time. It is amazing how deeply I can emerse myself in a drawing of a pomegranate!

Things that have helped me this week…

* Sharpening drawing pencils with an exacto knife can be very meditative.

* My classes with Misty Mawn and Louise have been utterly amazing so far.  They couldn’t have come to me at a more perfect time.

* I have new inspiration on my sidebar. check it out.

* I am postponing my swap/exchange plans for a couple more weeks. I still want to swap though!! What better way to connect with all of you and see & touch in person your amazing handcrafted items. Stay tuned.

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7 Responses to Art is good therapy

  1. bonnierose says:

    I am so happy I met you thru Louise’s class.. I put your star tutorial on my blog sidebar… u are so loved and oh so talented.. I too am getting rid of mean ppl and negativity.. life is too short. xo

  2. Rainy says:

    Art *is* good therapy. I love your pomegranate!

  3. hi Regina, just stopped by to say from Misty’s class! I really love the woman you drew and your artistic photos of your pencils and wood shavings… need to get me an exacto knife… 🙂

  4. Aunt Jenny says:

    When your heart is heavy, it helps you to slow down a bit and notice things that when we are moving too fast, we don’t always see. A good friend of mine told me that once and I’ve always carried it with me during the times that my heart has been heavy. I hope you can find hope, happiness, smiles and all that goodness during this troubled time. I love you so muchly!

  5. Carrie S. says:

    I too feel that art is great therapy. I think it feels really good to use our hands and truly focus on something. Lately I’ve been turning more to crafty activities (knitting, embroidery), but I’d love to get back to more drawing. This is a good reminder for me. Thank you.

  6. karen says:

    I have been following your blog for years. I am so sorry for the senseless tragedy that has hit your beautiful, funky, vibrant, artistic city.
    Maybe you aren’t meant to get that dear little girl out of your mind, maybe you are meant to let her move into your heart. She can shine through all of us who will remember to speak a little kinder to others and have a little more curiosity for the world around us and a little more desire to lead through gentleness and love.
    I am thinking of you and your family and your community and keeping you in my prayers. Thanks for your blog, you really inspire me.

  7. Andie says:

    You know when I saw this on the news I instantly thought of you. I knew how broken your heart must be watching it so close…please know I am sending lots of love and light your way.

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