Here are some portraits I’ve been working on for Misty Mawn’s e-course.  Faces are not something I am very comfortable doing. I’d much rather paint a bird, flower or home.  If  I do paint a person, the face is usually not the main focus.  I really did enjoyed making these, and might be making more!

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9 Responses to portraits

  1. bonnierose says:

    wow.. these are fabulous!

  2. kt says:

    Yes keep doing these!!!!

  3. angela says:

    They’re beautiful. The first one is my favorite!

  4. sperlygirl says:

    they are beautiful….i need your skintone secrets. mine are looking a little scary

  5. elsa says:

    really lovely! like the last with all the color!
    you’re doing quite well with something you’re not comfortable with!

  6. These are beautiful Regina!

  7. PixieDust says:

    incredibly beautiful…


  8. Tammy McGee says:

    great work!! Love the first one too! her expression, and the loose lines really feel like movement in the piece. hope you are having a super day!

  9. These are so beautiful Regina! I love the last one, it just glows. Great color!

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