Klimt inspired

9 x 12 on watercolor paper

I decided to join in with Jane DesRosier’s Klimt challenge.

It was fun flipping through my Gustav Klimt¬† art book and picking bits and pieces that were inspiring to me.¬† I’ve always been a big fan.

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5 Responses to Klimt inspired

  1. doro K. says:

    oh regina,
    she looks beautiful! i love her blue dress and golden jewellery. and of course her pretty face.

    best wishes, doro K.

  2. angela says:

    First, I love that you’ve been painting more faces…they’re gorgeous! Second, I’m a huge Klimt fan and your painting is inspired by his work is fabulous! Also, my girls and I loved watching you paint in the video you made. The creative process is a magical one.

  3. Lucy Chen says:

    She’s beautiful! And she looks oriental.

  4. This came fantastic!! We have Klimt’s Fulfillment hanging in our bedroom.

  5. marsha smusz says:

    Regina, Your art is fascinating, fun, clever, and beautiful. I love your portraits, and the little house in the clouds, too. Keep inspiring us.


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