IF ~ Silent



11×14 mixed media on canvas

True silence is the rest of the mind; it is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment. 

~William Penn

I’m sick. 🙁  It’s been a whole year since my last cold. I even had to call in sick yesterday from work. I lied down on the sofa, for a good part of yesterday, which is probably the noisiest place in the house. The kids buzzed around me in the hyperactive, rainy day way. I was finally able to gather them up and convinced them to watch movies with me.  We watched the The Black Stallion and A Wrinkle in Time.  It was a nice way to get a little rest.

Today was even better. I got the kids off to school and came home. It was silent and beautiful, especially for my aching head. I do feel a little better today, but now I have an annoying cough.  I’ll just have to keep sipping my tea.

I painted the above painting on Friday of last week for Illustration Friday.  It’s been a really long time since I played.

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23 Responses to IF ~ Silent

  1. Andria says:

    This is a really beautiful piece. I’ve been sick for over a week myself…setting the kids up in front of a movie or two sounds like a great plan for tomorrow. I’m finally on an antibiotic; hopefully it will do the trick!

  2. Lucy Chen says:

    She looks very at peace and enjoying her quite moment.
    Best wishes to you, hope you get well soon.

  3. Cindy D. says:

    That’s quite a beautiful painting. The texture and shapes you’ve worked in are terrific. It’s also got lovely colors and a nice, peaceful feeling. Sorry you’re sick!

  4. Piper says:

    This is beautiful and goes along so nicely with the quote. Love the vibrancy of the colours and the texture in this piece.

  5. doro K. says:

    oh regina, this picture is truly beautiful!! i’m in love with this girl and her gentle and modest look!

    i hope you get well very soon!

    all the best to you, doro K.

  6. Eithna says:

    What a beautiful piece, I Hope you are feeling better now.

  7. Susanna says:

    very nice and silent artwork!

  8. Susanna says:

    ps…i love your blog / website / artwork!! what an inspiration….thanks!

  9. Hello Regina, thank you for stopping by my blog. I love your work, beautiful!

  10. Mousy Brown says:

    Take care, I hope you feel a whole lot better soon! You need that elderberry tincture…xxx

  11. Michaela says:

    This is really great I love the colours and her hair 😀

  12. Jess says:

    This is beautiful? You can’t be ill when you’re a mum of small kids can you? ;o) I hope you feel much better soon.
    Jess x x

  13. Jess says:

    lol…I didn;’t mean to make that a question…this IS beautiful. 🙂

  14. sperlygirl says:

    take good care, regina. beautiful painting! sending lots of healthy vibes your way. xx

  15. roberto says:

    Hi Regina, Your picture is really good, congratulations!

  16. roberto says:

    Oh, I hope you improve your health!

  17. Kate D says:

    oh I am sending you healing energy thoughts! I hope it gets through you quickly and you come out even more energized & alive than before. I absolutely love this piece, btw. Especially the vines/leaves coming up through the arm…

  18. bjorgnin says:


    Hope you are better now. I have had two colds since September,long lasting both!
    It’s time to dress like your lovely girl.
    Today I saw ice on the pond in the back of our garden: http://viltogvakkert.blogspot.com/2011/11/our-world-ice-cover-pond.html

    Have a nice evening, resting, I hope ;:OD)

  19. angela says:

    I hope you feel better soon.

  20. Alexsandra says:

    ZINC! under the tongue, builds your immune, I am a Jr. High Art Teacher and it has kept colds at bay for several years now, I swear by it and give it to my collegues for Christmas presents. Any person in the public (I see 170 students every day!) needs to ditch the fantasy of Emergen-c working and get their zinc on.

    Your site is a hectic day vacation for me, thank you for all the effort you put into it. Lovely work, lovely lady, lovely Mom! Feel better wishes coming your way!

  21. kt says:

    hope you are feeling better. I love this new piece it is so thoughtful.

  22. keep sippin’ that herbal tea and rest away! hope you’re feeling better real soon…it’s hard to be sick and a mama! beautiful painting you’ve done!

  23. Tammy McGee says:

    oh I hope you feel better my sweet!! Please say you are going to do a print of this painting, I really would love (need) her for my 2nd studio!! xoxoxo Thanks for all the incredible natural feel better recipies! Such a cool post! I am totally going to use them this winter. Already had cold # 1 last week. LOL!! Starting a second job tomorrow…but I am playing art today so yay!! Miss you! Thinking of a cool christmas prezzie for you :o) teehee! get better soon my friend!

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