what I love today

*this sweet little owl necklace from my hubby

*soap from the farmer’s market in my favorite talavera dish
* roasted cauliflower
* my new day-planner
* One Little Word, year-long e-course
* 2012 Whole Living Action Plan (not following, but I am enjoying many of the recipes)
* my kids playing outside all day
* freshly pressed beet, carrot and apple juice
* my countdown button for Artfest (it’s on the sidebar)

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4 Responses to what I love today

  1. dacraftylady says:

    I can smell your soap over here. Don’t cha just love homemade soap? I sure do the smells are so great!!! I think that owl necklace is soooo cute!!!!

  2. Lucy Chen says:

    oh i love the owl necklace, to cute and pretty!

  3. Tammy McGee says:

    HOLY SMOKES BATMAN!!! Theres only 79 days till Artfest!! whoohoo! I am LOVING your countdown button!! and your owl necklace is sooo wonderful! miss you sweetest friend! xoxo

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