Crafter’s Tool Butler

I have been out of town over the last few days, and as always, I have this incredible desire to take as many art & craft supplies as I can, just in case I have a free moment to paint in my journal, or do some other creative project.

jordan paige crafter's tool butler

Fortunately for me, Jordana Paige sent me a Crafter’s Tool Butler to try out and review, and I have to say, it is pretty awesome for art-ing on the go.

crafter's tool butler

I love anything with compartments and pockets, so I had fun filling this up with all of my favorite art pens, pencils and brushes and I had room for paper, collage bits, magazine images and photos.  I stuffed it full and it still zipped up easily. In the winter, when I do more knitting and crochet, I can easily switch out my art stuff for my needles and hooks.

Between family visiting, eating and some organized family Olympic events (ie, swimming, running around the house and ladder ball) , I actually had some time to start a journal page, inspired by Grandma Glennys’ garden roses. I got to finish it today when I got home.


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3 Responses to Crafter’s Tool Butler

  1. Alice t says:

    I was just wondering if something like this existed tonight as I packed up all the supplies I want to use this weekend.

  2. MelBee says:

    Love the idea of this…ready for going camping…be nice in brighter colours though. Thanks for ref to ladder ball-not heard of that before…..boys were intrigued too.xx Love how you do your roses.xx

  3. Cheryl J. says:

    Artists are often inspired by what they see around them. I know I am. That’s what makes this so nice. Admittedly it might just be a good chance for you to avoid boredom, but it’s also nice if you feel inspired and want to start work on something right away.

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